Eco-Conscious Strides in Fashion

The fashion industry has always been on the forefront of trends and not just trends pertaining to clothes and beauty; technology, the arts, and philanthropy are all aspects the fashion world have embraced and incorporated into its nearly $2 trillion global industry. The latest trend that fashion business moguls and design houses are embracing is sustainability.


Swedish fashion brand H&M has over 3,300 stores worldwide and is proving how possible it is to create stylish and sustainable products. On October 2, H&M launched the Conscious Denim collection for men, women and children. According to H&M, “the washes used on the denim have been graded to assess their environmental impact, including energy and water use.” Aided by Spanish denim consultants, Jeanologia, they tested denim washing processes and set a standard for the Conscious Denim collection where the materials “have to be more sustainable, and the washes have to achieve the highest status” as stated in their official press release.



Levi Strauss and Co., a company that prides itself for having “a long history of firsts” has made revolutionary efforts towards sustainable jeans. In Spring 2013, “the Levi’s brand launched its latest chapter in sustainable design: a collection of denim incorporating post-consumer waste” as explained on the Levi Strauss and Co. website. Recycled plastic bottles and food trays were primarily used in the Waste<Less collection. In 2013 alone, the Levi’s Waste<Less collection used “approximately 7.9 million recycled bottles for their best-selling products such as Levi’s 511 Skinny jeans, Levi’s Trucker jackets and the women’s Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny jeans.”

Well- known fashion houses are taking big leaps towards incorporating sustainability into multiple aspects of their businesses. With such household names making eco-conscious efforts towards future collections, smaller and other larger designers will be sure to follow suit. The fashion industry’s sustainability efforts continue to prove that fashion is about so much more than just pretty faces and beautiful clothes.

Gabriella Bower is a staff writer. Email her at 

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