Monochrome: Trend Report

Monochrome is reaching new heights this season by extending itself from a trend of one color, to a trend of one texture as well. This daring head-to-toe look has typically only been for the brave high fashion follower. However, recent fall trends are taking in the idea of one color from avant-grande to ready to wear.

mono 2

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Zoe Saldana have embraced the monochrome trend, taking inspiration from the 2014 Spring Fashion Week runway. Designers including Givenchy and Alexander Wang paid tribute to the trend in their fall collections for 2014. For the college student, the way to grasp onto monochrome in an easily accessible way is with the implementation of midi-skirts, loose pants and crop tops.

Wearing one color sounds like the easiest and simplest way to dress; throw on a deep blue top and deep blue jeans and thats it, right? Unfortunately, dressing in a monochrome fashion does take thought, as overdoing one specific shade can appear over the top. The goal is to wear one color without the outfit resembling the ‘I haven’t done laundry, this is all I have left’ look.

monoThe key to mastering the trend is to play with tone. Monochrome simply defined is one color, yet multiple shades of one color add depth and keep an ensemble fashionably harmonious. Instead of Britney Spears’ circa 2001 denim on denim monochrome look, pair different shades of denim that compliment each other. An important thing to remember about monochrome is that opposites, as in tonal opposites, often attract. In modern fashion, monochrome has taken new meaning. The trend is described as same texture and color palette. The added feature of texture expands the range of creativity available in the trend.


H&M’s holiday lookbook highlighted monochrome with two festive looks under sixty dollars. The Glittery Jersey Skirt combined with the Glittery Cropped Top pair well to create a classy holiday outfit while also tying in the monochrome look. For a winter weather-friendly look, pair a long sleeve top with same colored pants. The main rule in monochrome is shade. If the color is generally bright, as in blue, wear different shades of blue. If the color is a pastel, for instance pastel pink, consider matching the pant to the t

In monochrome, although fashion is about creative and positive attention, going overboard is tacky. Accessories should be minimal, as wearing all one color makes a statement on its own. Stay away from overly matching by choosing neutral colored accessories and shoes, nude is ideal option.


Lauren Craddock is a contributing writer. Email herat 

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