How To Tuesday: Heels for Walking in New York

Heels are a beloved staple in many closets, as they can add some desired extra height, flatter figures, or make an outfit instantly look classier. In most places, people wear them all over, ranging from special events to school or work to social outings. However, in New York heels are much less prevalent due to impracticability for walking, the city’s primary form of transportation. Many who come to NYU from other locations may miss their heels, yet are unsure of how to make them work without inconveniencing their everyday lives. Luckily, many styles of the height-adding shoe are comfortable and … Continue reading How To Tuesday: Heels for Walking in New York

High Fashion, College Wallet: Louis Vuitton

At Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2014 show, sleek lines and natural autumnal hues were given a 21st century update in the form of unexpected contrast and texture pairings. A navy blue sweater jacket, adorned with a thick strip of colorful patterns, was shown tucked into an A-line orange leather skirt. In another look from the collection, a bright maroon leather jacket with a fur collar is paired with a cream turtleneck shift dress. It is an unexpected styling choice that was s elegantly executed. Nicolas Ghesquière’s highly anticipated first collection for Louis Vuitton proved to be every woman’s dream – and there’s … Continue reading High Fashion, College Wallet: Louis Vuitton

Eco-Conscious Strides in Fashion

The fashion industry has always been on the forefront of trends and not just trends pertaining to clothes and beauty; technology, the arts, and philanthropy are all aspects the fashion world have embraced and incorporated into its nearly $2 trillion global industry. The latest trend that fashion business moguls and design houses are embracing is sustainability. Swedish fashion brand H&M has over 3,300 stores worldwide and is proving how possible it is to create stylish and sustainable products. On October 2, H&M launched the Conscious Denim collection for men, women and children. According to H&M, “the washes used on the … Continue reading Eco-Conscious Strides in Fashion

High Fashion, College Wallet: Theory

The looks of Theory Fall/Winter 2014 show that the most simple and understated silhouettes could make the greatest impact this fall. Designer Oliver Theyskens played a lot with contrast in this collection, mixing hard and soft elements to create looks that appeared relaxed and effortless, but still sophisticated and put together. If a look was loose at the bottom, Theyskens was sure to add a belt or a tailored blazer on top to create a single polished look.  The pieces Theyskens used in his collection are so simple and versatile that it is very easy to purchase similar pieces on a … Continue reading High Fashion, College Wallet: Theory