The Bare Necessities for Cold Weather Skincare

With temperatures dropping as we quickly approach the late fall season, taking care of your skin becomes an added everyday task. The brisk cold air can irritate your skin to a dry and itchy state. Luckily remedies to fight against this natural cold weather skin condition exist.



When dealing with dry skin, it is important to understand what is causing the irritation. The combination of cold air outside, and constant blowing heaters inside, removes of humidity that is essential to keeping adequate moisture available for the skin. Although ridding of the issue is impossible, there are ways around it. Dressing in layers in the cold can help in preventing overheating and perspiring indoors which irritates dry skin. To replenish humidity in the air, a mechanism to use indoors would be to spring for a humidifier, as the heat blowing in your apartment is constantly removing needed moisture in the air. The wanted humidity in a room is about 50%.


Another daily tip to start now is taking shorter warm showers. After a long day in the cold streets of the concrete jungle, a long hot shower may sound soothing, and the steamy air of the shower looks as if it would be good for dry skin. Unfortunately, hot showers open up pores to a state in which the natural oil barrier of the skin is stripped. This doesn’t mean cold showers are the way to go, but limiting time in the shower to about 10 minutes can protect the skin. While showering, opt for facial cleansers with non-soap liquids. Pat the skin dry rather than rubbing to lock in moisture, and always apply moisturizers that contain ceramides—ceramides are the fatty molecules making up the outer-most barrier of the skin.


Besides the daily changes to routine during the winter, products that are moisturizing and protecting exist to make the subtle changes easier. First, in cleansing your pores without drying them, products like Go 360degrees Clean Deep Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin by L´oreal are fragrance free, soap free and contain shea butter—all essential qualities for beauty products in dealing with dry skin. For a moisturizer, Hydra-Renewal Continuous Moisture Cream by L´oreal was made for women with sensitive dry skin and is less than $10.


Another way in adhering to dry skin is to change most basic makeup products to those that contain moisturizing properties. CoverGirl created BB cream and foundation specifically for the girl with dry skin with their CG Smoothers BB Cream and CG Smoothers ALL-DAY Hydrating Makeup. Both are light weight, hydrating and moisturizing coverage. The BB cream even contains SPF 15 to further protect the skin.

DIY Tips. 

If swapping out old beauty products for new ones isn’t appealing, at home remedies can also help in fighting dry skin. Petroleum jelly opts for a great moisturizer that leaves skin softer and hydrated. A simple at home treatment that involves a product commonly found in the kitchen is the dry skin milk treatment. First, soak a washcloth in cold milk and place the cloth on your dry skin for up to ten minutes. Gently wash off the milk with a lukewarm soaked washcloth —remembering to pat not rub—to keep locked in natural moisture. Regardless, the key to fighting dry skin is to keep moisture present for the skin to absorb.


Lauren Craddock is a contributing writer. Email her at

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