Style Spotted: Athleisure Sneakers

Whoever said comfort and style can’t coexist clearly has not been exposed to the power and popularity of fashion sneakers. Sneakers have existed for over a century, but statistics show that their rise in popularity seems to correlate with the rise of the athlesiure trend. According to, in 2015 alone, the athletic footwear industry grew by 8%, generating about $17.2 billion in sales. The term “fashion sneaker” didn’t exist until 10 years ago, but with the help of celebrities and social media, companies such as Adidas and Puma are able to majorly profit from this trend. Admit it — … Continue reading Style Spotted: Athleisure Sneakers

Style Spotted: Style By Region

  Autumn Hamra, Steinhardt junior majoring in Studio Art, is a New Yorker. Hamra grew up in Westchester and only moved to Manhattan to attend NYU; however, she does think that what makes fashion in New York unique is that it is not so easy to pin-point. “New York style is often dark and grunge, but at the same time laid back and flowy,” said Hamra. Hamra describes her style is somewhat New York inspired artsy, while also slightly conservative. In the warmer months Hamra enjoys a floral look while in the winter she likes to play around with layers. … Continue reading Style Spotted: Style By Region

Style Spotted: Spring Chills

With the frigid winter days finally behind us, we spotted a few students on the final days of their heavy coats and warm layers.   Lisa Leboyer, Liberal Studies freshman “I like to look at and spin trends off of that.”   Barak Hurvitz, Stern junior “I get style inspiration fro British fashion.”   Alison Driscoll, Gallatin senior “I wear the same things everyday. All black basically.”   Ilona Tuominen is a staff writer and contributing photographer. Email her at Continue reading Style Spotted: Spring Chills

Style Spotted Special: NYFW Street Style, Part 1

In honor of the many shows and presentations across New York City (and Brooklyn) this week, here are a few of the people who caught our eye on and off campus. Be sure to check back soon for more NYFW-inspired street style later this week! Anonymous, outside of the New York Public Library “When I was younger I used to dress in 60s fashion. Now not so much.” Anonymous, on the corner of 5th Ave and 34th Street “I like to wear things I can crawl out of bed with and feel invisible.”   Michael, on the corner of 6th … Continue reading Style Spotted Special: NYFW Street Style, Part 1