Style Spotted: Men’s Fashion 101

New York is full of stylish men, but what everyone wants to know is what goes on behind closed doors. How do these fashionable boys dress how they do and where do they shop? We have the male perspective you’ve been looking for talking about the hottest stores and the newest trends in men’s fashion.


Tisch freshman Saleh Ramazani

 “Dressing well without much effort requires one to just experiment with anything and everything. I think it’s a matter of being comfortable…there’s no need to go over the top with anything. As for pulling off a casual look, you have to know yourself and what you’re comfortable in. I find myself more comfortable in suits so I tend to wear those a lot, along with a fashionable hat.”

Typical Outfit: The Artistic Hipster

 -A statement scarf


-Black blazer

Top Stores:

 1. H&M (558 Broadway)

2. Zara (580 Broadway)

3. Beacon’s Closet (10 W. 13th St.)

Ribbet collage

CAS freshman Ilya Timofeyev

 “It’s about combining a classy top with a new pair of shoes that stand out. Pastel neutral tones always tend to work. What I find is that if you wear matching shoes and pants and make your shirt or sweater stand out, [it] usually evokes the casual “look,” or just pick one item of clothing to stand out while the other two match. I think that always looks nice.”

Typical Outfit: The Elegant European


-Moschino pants

-Mao collared shirt

-A wool cardigan

Top Stores:

 1. Lacoste (541 Broadway)

2. Uniqlo (546 Broadway)

3. Banana Republic (552-554 Broadway)

Ribbet collage2

CAS freshman Spencer Jacoppi

 “If I’m going to class and I am in a rush, [I wear] a crew neck maybe. I am a huge fan [of streetwear], so I like Supreme and Jogger pants. I also am really into sneakers. Since it’s winter I like to wear a nice beanie or trapper hat.”

Typical Outfit: The Typical Student



-Jogger pants/khakis


Top Stores:

 1. Nike (21 Mercer St.)

2. Urban Outfitters (374 Sixth Ave.)

3. Supreme (274 Lafayette St.)

Sidney Butler is a contributing writer. Email her at

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