How-to Tuesday: Style Over-the-Knee Boots

Now that summer has officially ended it is time to get our wardrobes ready for the cold weather. What better way to take advantage of the cooler climate than wearing over-the-knee boots? Now that we have a perfect excuse to wear the fall footwear staple, here are some suggestions on how to execute some over-the-knee styles.

Thigh high boots are probably one of the most hyped items to have this season. They come in not only various fabrics and materials, but also all different colors. Depending on the mood, weather and occasion, there are various ways to dress them up and down.

Because over-the-knee boots are so versatile, it is easy to style them for a casual day on campus. Picture yourself waking up in the morning on a cold, cold day, getting ready to go to class. You are probably still half asleep wondering if it is Friday yet. Sucks to suck, it is only Monday. You are going through your closet to see what you are going to wear, but you can’t be bothered to think. Don’t you worry. All you have to do is put on your thigh high boots and style them with an oversized sweater. This is such an effortlessly stylish outfit that keeps you comfy and chic.

If the weather gets any colder or you feel like adding something more to your ensemble, try wearing jeans with slightly fitted sweaters to show off different layers. Another option is to throw on a jacket or coat. While leather jackets and coats will give off a chic vibe, cardigans and bombers will give off a more casual vibe. Depending on your taste, you can either choose to go with suede or leather boots since they are the current trendiest options.

Should you choose to go with a formal look for occasions like work or an interview, there are plenty of ways to dress up over-the-knee boots. Keep the top half professional with fitted sweaters or button up shirts. You can tuck the top into a skirt to pull the look together, and add a blazer or coat to complete it. Besides this combination, another way to elevate your style is to wear over-the-knee boots with knit or jersey dresses. The proportions of over-the-knee boots with dresses that come to mid-thigh ensure that the look is still modest enough for work. You can also match colors or choose similar shades to keep the look minimal and dressed up.

Something to keep in mind is that these are not the only ways to wear over-the-knee boots. Fashion is all about expressing yourself through experimenting with different garments. Feel free to try new looks, and don’t be afraid of what others will think. After all, you are in New York, and boundaries are meant to be broken in fashion.

Adryan Son is a Staff Writer. Email him at

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