How to Look Cute When Wearing an Ugly Holiday Sweater

During the holidays there is no such thing as too much spirit, especially when it comes to ugly holiday sweaters. Go all out with them — DIY one with all of the jingle bells and whistles or find one already decked out — and embrace the holiday spirit. Even though they’re not thought of as fashionable, there are plenty of ways to style ugly Christmas sweaters to show up to holiday parties looking festive and put-together. For the full-on Christmas tree decoration look, try pairing your sweater with metallics. Funky silvers and holographic colors reminiscent of garlands are the perfect … Continue reading How to Look Cute When Wearing an Ugly Holiday Sweater

Put a Sock in It and Embrace Socks and Sandals

Pick up the phone, call your dad, call your grandad, call your uncle. Call them and apologize for all the years of shame you put them through for wearing the once deadly combo: socks with sandals. You’ve probably seen it in all its varieties — socks with those brown, grandpa sandals, socks with Birkenstocks (this is NYU, so you may even be wearing them right now), socks with heeled sandals, and the most extreme, thou which shall not be named. But that’s just what I call it, you probably know them as Nike socks with slides. Believe it or not, … Continue reading Put a Sock in It and Embrace Socks and Sandals

How to Mesh Well with the Mesh Trend

Believe it or not, the daring mesh trend has a lot more to it than meets the eye. We often consider mesh to be something we’ll wear for a quick gym session or a Friday night out, but it’s actually something we can add to our closet as an everyday outfit enhancer. And with an influx of mesh products from sweaters to backpacks to dresses to shoes comes more variety in how to style them. Wearing mesh almost certainly guarantees showing a little skin — the important question is how much are you comfortable revealing? Here’s where panels come in … Continue reading How to Mesh Well with the Mesh Trend

Shiny Shoes: Fall’s Metallic Trend

Metallic is here, and this time around, it’s here to stay. Everyone from major street style stars to busy students on the run have been spotted rocking these dazzling shoes that add a fun and creative twist to footwear styles we all know and love. It’s a trend that certainly leaves more than enough room for you to get creative with. See how a little touch of metallic can add a lot of glamour to your look. The Sneaker Sneakers used to be the pair of shoes you throw on if you have nothing else to wear. But those times … Continue reading Shiny Shoes: Fall’s Metallic Trend

Fishnet Tights: The Fall Trend with a Rebellious Past

Love them or hate them, fishnets are definitely making a comeback. Bold tights, as sent down the runway by the likes of Gucci, Chanel and Saint Laurent, will soon be spotted all over the streets of NYC. Fishnets, which have cropped up in shows throughout the Fall/Winter 2015 to Fall/Winter 2016 seasons, are just one classic and unexpected example of a wardrobe essential that is finally getting its chance at a much-deserved revival. The history of fishnet stockings is relatively unknown, but photographic evidence shows that one of the first purposes of fishnets was to draw attention to the burlesque … Continue reading Fishnet Tights: The Fall Trend with a Rebellious Past