How-to Tuesday: Save Money & Shape Your Own Brows

Getting your eyebrows done professionally is great if you’re terrified of ruining your eyebrows or just have so much hair on your face that you have no idea what to do with it all. However, it gets pretty pricey, and it eventually just becomes too expensive to have a woman rip a strip of wax off of your face every two to three weeks. If you have sensitive skin, hair removal techniques such as waxing and threading can also end up irritating the skin and leaving behind redness and an unfortunate series of breakouts. With natural and bushy eyebrows being … Continue reading How-to Tuesday: Save Money & Shape Your Own Brows

Style Spotted: Style By Region

  Autumn Hamra, Steinhardt junior majoring in Studio Art, is a New Yorker. Hamra grew up in Westchester and only moved to Manhattan to attend NYU; however, she does think that what makes fashion in New York unique is that it is not so easy to pin-point. “New York style is often dark and grunge, but at the same time laid back and flowy,” said Hamra. Hamra describes her style is somewhat New York inspired artsy, while also slightly conservative. In the warmer months Hamra enjoys a floral look while in the winter she likes to play around with layers. … Continue reading Style Spotted: Style By Region