Shiny Shoes: Fall’s Metallic Trend

Metallic is here, and this time around, it’s here to stay. Everyone from major street style stars to busy students on the run have been spotted rocking these dazzling shoes that add a fun and creative twist to footwear styles we all know and love. It’s a trend that certainly leaves more than enough room for you to get creative with. See how a little touch of metallic can add a lot of glamour to your look. The Sneaker Sneakers used to be the pair of shoes you throw on if you have nothing else to wear. But those times … Continue reading Shiny Shoes: Fall’s Metallic Trend

High Fashion, College Wallet Special: Oscars

With the Oscars quickly approaching, it is always fun to look back on some of the best looks from past years. 2011 had quite a few stunning red carpet looks, but actress Mila Kunis’ lilac lace Elie Saab gown was certainly one of the most striking. Romantic and glamorous, this fresh look was absolutely stunning, and with a few changes it can be made into an equally glam everyday ensemble. A key element to this outfit is color and fabric. To emulate this ensemble, has a “Cross My Lace Back Top” ($22) that combines this fantastic shade of lilac … Continue reading High Fashion, College Wallet Special: Oscars

How-To Tuesday: Easy Ways to Break-In New Shoes

Now matter how much of a proponent of stylish footwear you may be, there’s an essential level of comfort that needs to be found in a pair of shoes. Not to say that high heels should feel like slippers, but the ability to move in shoes without feeling like your toes are going to pinch right off is important. Give your feet some forgiveness with these at-home tips on stretching or breaking in your shoes. Plastic Bag Method For this method, it’s important that the shoes you’re using are made of leather, or a material that naturally stretches over time, … Continue reading How-To Tuesday: Easy Ways to Break-In New Shoes