Put a Sock in It and Embrace Socks and Sandals

Pick up the phone, call your dad, call your grandad, call your uncle. Call them and apologize for all the years of shame you put them through for wearing the once deadly combo: socks with sandals. You’ve probably seen it in all its varieties — socks with those brown, grandpa sandals, socks with Birkenstocks (this is NYU, so you may even be wearing them right now), socks with heeled sandals, and the most extreme, thou which shall not be named. But that’s just what I call it, you probably know them as Nike socks with slides. Believe it or not, … Continue reading Put a Sock in It and Embrace Socks and Sandals

Swapping Clothes and Gender Roles

As times have changed, so have fashion’s gender norms. Stella McCartney’s tailored suits always leave the wearers looking sophisticated, while Alexander McQueen’s clothing pushes the boundaries of what women can wear. It is easy to see how menswear can become womenswear and vice versa on the runway, and this still holds true on the street. Transform men’s pieces into women’s by taking notes from Saint Laurent’s Men’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Staying true to the edgy rock star glamour of the label, this look features numerous facets. With a sexy leather pant, cheetah flats and a glitter blazer, this style walks … Continue reading Swapping Clothes and Gender Roles

High Fashion, College Wallet: Raf Simons

Belgian menswear designer Raf Simons often uses bold graphics in bright colors for his collections, making them hard to emulate. His Spring/Summer 2014 collection followed suit, showcasing a multitude of stripes and layered tops in various colors. A particular look from the runway show features an oversized striped shirt paired with slim-fit black pants and sneakers in a matching color palette. The shirt is the centerpiece of the outfit and unfortunately, thanks to Simons’ signature designs, nearly impossible to match. Nevertheless, close attention to to his choice of color, fit and style work well as compensation. Take into consideration the … Continue reading High Fashion, College Wallet: Raf Simons