Velvet, A Recurring Fall Trend

Making a comeback in 2014 and starring in the Fall 2015 runways, velvet has yet again taken over as the major trend for this upcoming season. Although cool and chic, velvet is to be styled intelligently. Let’s be real – we are not Cara Delevingne and we cannot flawlessly rock Topshop’s Premium Velvet Blue Suit as she did. However, there are ways to stay both fashionable and within budget this fall. Basically, the key to wearing velvet is to focus on statement pieces. Be it skirts, boots, blazers or chokers, the piece you select should stand out but not override … Continue reading Velvet, A Recurring Fall Trend

Fill Your Feed With Talented Fashion Bloggers

With so many people trying out their inner fashion blogger on social media, it is easy to miss true talent and individual style among the crowds of Kim Kardashian and her wannabes. Still, many inspiring fashionistas are underrated and deserve more of a following. Here are four Instagrammers/bloggers who you may not know, but nonetheless will want to follow. Steph Mendoza IG, Twitter, Snapchat: @mindofmendoza This self-proclaimed style aficionado embodies the luxury of fashion. Steph Mendoza seamlessly merges New York City street wear and Parisian tailored sophistication, turning out unconventional style creations. His signature piece is a bowler hat so … Continue reading Fill Your Feed With Talented Fashion Bloggers