Monochrome: Trend Report

Monochrome is reaching new heights this season by extending itself from a trend of one color, to a trend of one texture as well. This daring head-to-toe look has typically only been for the brave high fashion follower. However, recent fall trends are taking in the idea of one color from avant-grande to ready to wear. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Zoe Saldana have embraced the monochrome trend, taking inspiration from the 2014 Spring Fashion Week runway. Designers including Givenchy and Alexander Wang paid tribute to the trend in their fall collections for 2014. For the college student, the way to grasp … Continue reading Monochrome: Trend Report

Tailoring 101: Women’s

The average college girl has a multitude of tasks on her plate managing school, work, internships, social life and style. Yet, on the time schedule of an NYC college student, tailoring clothes to fit can be a pain. The perfect way to alleviate stress is to learn some basic tips on finding what is right for you and tailoring it for the perfect fit. The first step is to shop for your body type. For finding the right jacket, focus on key characteristics. Shoulders should be snug without pulling and the edges of the seam should not stretch out farther … Continue reading Tailoring 101: Women’s