How-to Tuesday: Easy Nail Art

You’re dressed to the 9’s and you look in the mirror for one last outfit check when you realize you haven’t had a mani or even had the time to cut off those pesky hangnails that have been torturing you for weeks. Of course, it’s not the end of the world if your nails aren’t perfect and it’s definitely not required to complete an outfit, but with that said, painting your nails and having them look polished can be a mood booster. Here are some nail art designs you can DIY that will take no more than 10 minutes and … Continue reading How-to Tuesday: Easy Nail Art

How-to Tuesday: Makeup-Based Halloween Costumes

Cat Take a black eyeliner — felt tip or gel liner tends to work the best — and draw an upside down triangle on the tip of your nose. Use the same eyeliner to outline the top of the upper lip and add whiskers to the cheeks. Draw on an exaggerated cat eye, including lining the top, upper portion of the lid to meet the tear duct and a classic wing. Add on a light pink lipstick. Put on a pair of cat ears. Wear all black, possibly add a tail. Bonus: Spend all night repeating what other say and … Continue reading How-to Tuesday: Makeup-Based Halloween Costumes

How-to Tuesday: Save Money & Shape Your Own Brows

Getting your eyebrows done professionally is great if you’re terrified of ruining your eyebrows or just have so much hair on your face that you have no idea what to do with it all. However, it gets pretty pricey, and it eventually just becomes too expensive to have a woman rip a strip of wax off of your face every two to three weeks. If you have sensitive skin, hair removal techniques such as waxing and threading can also end up irritating the skin and leaving behind redness and an unfortunate series of breakouts. With natural and bushy eyebrows being … Continue reading How-to Tuesday: Save Money & Shape Your Own Brows

How-to Tuesday: No-Makeup Makeup

While the makeup industry today is brimming with liquid lipsticks, contour kits, bold shadows and more, we all have those days when we want our makeup to look as fresh and natural as possible — say, when rushing to an 8:00am on Monday morning. Although many feel comfortable baring a makeup-free face everyday, this look is for those who want to celebrate their natural beauty without being completely au naturel. Because, let’s face it: makeup is fun, and adding some new products to your routine can really boost your confidence. If you want to know how to achieve this “no … Continue reading How-to Tuesday: No-Makeup Makeup

How-to Tuesday: The Warm Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes are almost always “in.” Like a little black dress, there’s something undeniably sexy about the look that never goes out of style. This Fall, the classic smokey eye is taking on a warmer palette, incorporating peaches and coppers into the look.  The wonderful part about this trend is that the colors will compliment any skin tone, with some adjustments for preference. And though smokey eyes can be a little intimidating for makeup beginners, these warmer, more toned down colors make the look more approachable and mistake-proof. Here’s how to get the look with product recommendations both high end, … Continue reading How-to Tuesday: The Warm Smokey Eye

How-to Tuesday: Fake a Tan

The reality of summer is that we all get too busy with jobs and internships, so the number of days at the beach are limited. And as the school year begins, we are lacking the glowing tan that use to be a back-to-school staple. That’s where fake tanning products come in. The key to a great fake tan is affordability and a great color payoff. Spray tans tend to be quick and easy, but also pricey. Self tanners require a little more work on your part, but tend to be way more affordable than a weekly spray tan. But the … Continue reading How-to Tuesday: Fake a Tan

How to Wear Lipstick Like a Pro

The choice in lip color can either make or break an outfit; if lip gloss is seen as the high schooler’s makeup keepsake, it is safe to say that we are now old enough to experiment with lipsticks. Although it may seem intimidating, it is easy to rock the look with some helpful recommendations that will suit with all skin tones. The Naturals Enhance your natural lip color using lipsticks such as NARS Dolce Vita lipstick ($26) or NYX Antwerp lip crème ($6). Dolce Vita is a dusty rose color with a sheer formula, so it adds moisture and shine … Continue reading How to Wear Lipstick Like a Pro