Fishnet Tights: The Fall Trend with a Rebellious Past

Love them or hate them, fishnets are definitely making a comeback. Bold tights, as sent down the runway by the likes of Gucci, Chanel and Saint Laurent, will soon be spotted all over the streets of NYC. Fishnets, which have cropped up in shows throughout the Fall/Winter 2015 to Fall/Winter 2016 seasons, are just one classic and unexpected example of a wardrobe essential that is finally getting its chance at a much-deserved revival. The history of fishnet stockings is relatively unknown, but photographic evidence shows that one of the first purposes of fishnets was to draw attention to the burlesque … Continue reading Fishnet Tights: The Fall Trend with a Rebellious Past

Velvet, A Recurring Fall Trend

Making a comeback in 2014 and starring in the Fall 2015 runways, velvet has yet again taken over as the major trend for this upcoming season. Although cool and chic, velvet is to be styled intelligently. Let’s be real – we are not Cara Delevingne and we cannot flawlessly rock Topshop’s Premium Velvet Blue Suit as she did. However, there are ways to stay both fashionable and within budget this fall. Basically, the key to wearing velvet is to focus on statement pieces. Be it skirts, boots, blazers or chokers, the piece you select should stand out but not override … Continue reading Velvet, A Recurring Fall Trend