Chic Gifts for Your Valentine

Many people struggle to find the perfect present for their significant other. Roses can be cliché, and no one wants the awkwardness of buying a gift the recipient hates. Valentines with a definitive fashion sense can be especially difficult, but some key items are sure to satisfy. The gifts below cover a range of tastes while sticking to a high standard of style. A Classic Handbag Choose one in a romantic blush color, perfect for date night as well as the upcoming spring months. Or opt for a classy black clutch – try a suede or fur finish if your … Continue reading Chic Gifts for Your Valentine

How To Tuesday: How To Dress for Holiday Parties on a Budget

Apart from endless finals, December is an exciting time of year. The plethora of holidays during this chilly month bring gift exchanges, uplifting concerts and festive events. Possibly one of the best activities is a holiday party, but it is often difficult to decide what to wear. On a budget it can be especially tricky, as so much clothing boasts extreme prices leaving a complicated dilemma of how to assemble the perfect outfit without breaking the bank. Luckily this is possible and partygoers can create several looks for a low price. One of the most versatile pieces for girls is … Continue reading How To Tuesday: How To Dress for Holiday Parties on a Budget

High Fashion, College Wallet Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2016

The Lebanese designer, Zuhair Murad, creates six different collections per year. For the 2015 cycle of fashion shows, Murad presented resort, spring ready-to-wear, pre-fall, spring couture, fall ready-to-wear, and fall couture collections. Each with a distinct style, they all mix luxe adornment with sleek construction. The spring 2016 RTW collection, presented at Paris Fashion Week, kept to a nautical theme. He made it modern through utilizing combinations of red, white, and navy stripes. Details like rows of gold buttons or coordinating lace were layered on the stripes. Other prints included mirrored rose appliqués on sheer black lace or the same … Continue reading High Fashion, College Wallet Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2016

Shop until you drop…Online

So if you’re like me, you may be scrolling through internet during all your classes or even finding yourself on Wooster Street trying to fit in as much as possible shopping before the end of the month. After some extensive research, and some trial and error experiments, I have found the best of online shopping. 1. Tobi: If you have free shipping and free returns, I’m yours. Not to mention crazy affordable pricing and tons of pictures of each look, is not something you would want to miss. There are a wide range of sizes . Also, for those of … Continue reading Shop until you drop…Online

High Fashion, College Wallet McQ Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall

McQ Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Fall line exuded urban confidence through clean lines and elegant silhouettes. A rich royal blue dotted the monochromatic collection which had various artistic influences, notably that of Jackson Pollock. Many aspects of the collection are simple staples that range from leggings and oversized sweatshirts to streamlined skirts. All pieces likely to be found in a college student’s closet. It’s easy to take this chic yet comfortable look from showroom to classroom. The standout piece in this outfit is the pant, and a similar pair can be found at American Apparel. The Unisex Tie Dye Stretch Twill Slim … Continue reading High Fashion, College Wallet McQ Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall