Are Fashion and Political Correctness Mutually Exclusive?

The quintessential art of expression, fashion has been challenging conventions for as long as someone has been around to defy the norm. The art often has a radical approach, and thus it comes as no surprise when critics, commentators, and pseudo-critics verbally assail the designer. The question then raised is whether or not fashion should be politically correct; that is, refraining from offending any particular group of people in society. Overtime, fashion has been seen by many to be politically incorrect on numerous occasions. During Paris Fashion Week 2015, both Junya Watanabe and Valentino showcased clearly African-inspired collections during a … Continue reading Are Fashion and Political Correctness Mutually Exclusive?

Eco-Conscious Strides in Fashion

The fashion industry has always been on the forefront of trends and not just trends pertaining to clothes and beauty; technology, the arts, and philanthropy are all aspects the fashion world have embraced and incorporated into its nearly $2 trillion global industry. The latest trend that fashion business moguls and design houses are embracing is sustainability. Swedish fashion brand H&M has over 3,300 stores worldwide and is proving how possible it is to create stylish and sustainable products. On October 2, H&M launched the Conscious Denim collection for men, women and children. According to H&M, “the washes used on the … Continue reading Eco-Conscious Strides in Fashion