Fashion Industry Makes Strides Towards Starring Senior Icons

Recently, there has been an increase in older women gracing the ad campaigns of top labels and designers — golden girl crushes, if you will. Joan Didion, famed American novelist and literary journalist, was recently featured in a Celine ad. She sits on couch in an all black ensemble with a large pair of black sunglasses perched on her nose. She looks fabulous. Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell was featured in Yves Saint Laurent’s campaign, gracing the glossy pages of many magazines. It doesn’t stop there, and it shouldn’t; Twiggy, iconic English model, is the face of L’Oreal Paris for 2015. … Continue reading Fashion Industry Makes Strides Towards Starring Senior Icons

When Fashion and Pop Culture Cross

Fashion is an integral and highly visible part of any culture or society. When we consider America’s own history, much of what is known and imagined about various eras and decades is understood from the way that people dressed. Since fashion is so integrated into daily life, however, it often goes unnoticed as a method of communication despite its incredibly powerful role in building individual identities and creating culture. High fashion, on the other hand, has always played a very distinct role in both reflecting the times and anticipating the future. Historically, runway fashion both mirrors the values of a … Continue reading When Fashion and Pop Culture Cross