Beauty YouTuber Products: More Than Just Your Typical Celebrity Collaboration

Any makeup lover will tell you that beauty YouTubers are go-tos for all things makeup. They inform viewers of the latest trends, offer opinions on new products–both high-end and drugstore, and constantly show how to create beautiful looks. Their videos are addicting, making it difficult to limit oneself to watching just one. Beauty fans all have a select few they subscribe to, over time developing a relationship that feels personal. They have a clear knowledge on the subject and seem to give honest, fair reviews on the makeup they try, earning fans’ trust. The YouTubers have, after all, seemingly tried everything … Continue reading Beauty YouTuber Products: More Than Just Your Typical Celebrity Collaboration

Yes, You Can Be a Sexually Liberated Feminist

Bound by society’s tendency to police bodies, celebrities find themselves publicly shamed for what they wear—or do not wear—and how much skin they choose to show. But these social prosecutors fail to realize that a woman’s body can be her source of empowerment. Choosing to embrace sexuality does not make women objects. A woman’s sexuality does not have to define her, but instead can make her stronger. Pop culture is revolutionizing the public’s view of the feminist movement. In 2013, Beyoncé sampled Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s speech “We Should All Be Feminists.” Arguably one of the most powerful entertainers of our … Continue reading Yes, You Can Be a Sexually Liberated Feminist

See Now Buy Now or See No Buy No?

The See Now Buy Now model is quickly becoming an effective marketing strategy for some designers, yet industry leaders are still unsure about fully embracing the new model. Fashion is built on innovation, but recent talk of changes to the industry model has created two sides of an evolution coin—those in favor of change and those opposed. To better form an opinion about the fashion industry’s future course, it is necessary to understand what changes are taking place and why they are crucial to our time. The traditional fashion calendar has been in place for decades—designers present their collections and … Continue reading See Now Buy Now or See No Buy No?

Fill Your Feed With Talented Fashion Bloggers

With so many people trying out their inner fashion blogger on social media, it is easy to miss true talent and individual style among the crowds of Kim Kardashian and her wannabes. Still, many inspiring fashionistas are underrated and deserve more of a following. Here are four Instagrammers/bloggers who you may not know, but nonetheless will want to follow. Steph Mendoza IG, Twitter, Snapchat: @mindofmendoza This self-proclaimed style aficionado embodies the luxury of fashion. Steph Mendoza seamlessly merges New York City street wear and Parisian tailored sophistication, turning out unconventional style creations. His signature piece is a bowler hat so … Continue reading Fill Your Feed With Talented Fashion Bloggers

Body Diversity: Now Accepted for Men, Too

Representation in the fashion industry is expanding in unforeseen ways. Last week, IMG—an international modeling agency home to prestigious models including Hailey Baldwin and the Hadid sisters—announced its launch of a plus-size men division called Brawn. The impact of this new division may in fact transcend the world of fashion. IMG revealed Zach Miko as the first model to be signed to the division. The 26 year-old, who was also Target’s first and only plus-size model, stands tall and strong at 6’6” with a 42” waist. While his stats are considered plus-size in the fashion industry, visually Miko has the build of … Continue reading Body Diversity: Now Accepted for Men, Too

Millennials Embrace Individuality in Beauty Trends

In their revolutionary 1956 advertisement for hair dye, Clairol asked,“Does she color her hair… or doesn’t she?” This effectively freed American women to look at the color of their hair as a choice rather than a natural commandment. While hair dye was once a shameful secret designed to combat the dreaded ‘greys’, we now see twenty-somethings proudly sporting “granny hair,” illustrating just how fluid trends can be. Personality no longer remains a cherished treasure shown to a select few; merely walking down the street gives insight into all those around, whether it is due to their violet hair, eyebrow piercing, or … Continue reading Millennials Embrace Individuality in Beauty Trends

Get Your Fashion Culture Fix

It has been over a month since New York Fashion Week came to a close, leaving the excitement and rush of the shows, which seemed endless at the time, feeling like a distant memory. This leaves many fashion junkies unsure of how to keep finding activities relating to their passion, but luckily, the city has a plethora of style-related events. A reliable option is the Costume Institute at the Met, which offers a year round “Fashion in Art” tour, discussing different materials and styles over time. This can offer an enriching, valuable experience, as well as the amazing opportunity to grab … Continue reading Get Your Fashion Culture Fix

Social Change Continues to be Reflected in Fashion

Advocating for social change undoubtedly became the most popular theme of 2015, and fashion is far from letting this important movement go. Designers and models alike have taken initiative to draw attention to the lack of diversity in the industry—an obvious under-representation of all non-dominant communities. There have been standout moments in fashion when hope for a balanced and inclusive racial demographic is high. Dominican Republic native Lineisy Montero was recognized as the model with the most show appearances for the spring 2016 season, walking for 68 fashion houses. Zac Posen publicly supported the Black Models Matter movement during New York … Continue reading Social Change Continues to be Reflected in Fashion