All Things Considered

Editor’s Note: The articles listed below are in reaction to current topics in fashion and popular culture, and in no way reflect the general views of the blog or Washington Square News. The views and opinions expressed are solely those of the writers’. If you feel strongly about any particular topic, feel free to respond in the Comments section at the bottom of each article, or email us at 

02/19/2015 Fashion Industry Makes Strides Towards Starring Senior Icons 

12/4/2014 The New Celebrity Models

11/04/2014 Clothing vs. Cause: Does Feminist Fashion Exist? 

10/21/2014 John Galliano: A Deserved Return? 

10/16/2014 Artistic License vs. Fast Fashion: Where is the Line?

10/16/2014 Fast Fashion: Leveling the Playing Field

10/01/2014 When Fashion and Pop Culture Cross

09/19/2014 Model Health

09/08/2014 Shifting from Lincoln Center

04/28/2014 More Than Skin Deep: Fashion as a Business of Art 

04/21/2014: On-Screen Fashion and the Creativity Complex

04/08/2014 Sales and Starlets: Kim Kardashian vs. Vogue 

04/07/2014 Vogue vs. The Kardashians

03/12/2014 Looking Good in Hollywood

02/19/2014 Fur, Faux and a Middle Ground

02/12/2014 Cover Girl Controversies

02/03/2014 State of the [Fashion] Union 


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