The Understated Elegance of Colored Tights

Caroline Weinstein, Contributing Writer

Colored tights dominated a multitude of runways during New York Fashion Week this season. The vibrant trend allows for a unique attention to detail by adding a pop of color to an otherwise monotonous outfit. The best ways to style colored tights, as seen in the fall 2018 ready-to-wear collections of Saks Potts and Jeremy Scott, are under dresses, coats and pants, creating a cohesive yet distinct and vivid look.



Saks Potts paved the way for colored tights in its Fall 2018 season with distinct looks, which included the brand’s signature coats along with knee-length dresses paired with colored tights. The brand displayed outfits that were reminiscent of the 1950s with long coats and dresses paired with pointed-toe slingback heels. While the outfits were filled with a variety of shades and patterns, the colored tights pulled the looks together in an unexpected way. The usage of these unique tights ultimately allows for more experimentation with the variety of patterns and colors in the rest of the outfit. As opposed to looking ridiculous or clown-like, the tights added a surprising flare of sophistication.

Jeremy Scott played with the tights in his Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection. While his outfits are more attention seeking than those of Saks Potts, the colored tights add an effect of both cohesion and distinctiveness to looks when paired with pants. What makes this fashion choice so special is how the tights not only spice up an outfit, but create the illusion of an outfit that was meticulously put together. Scott paired neon yellow tights with a gold metallic two-piece set and neon orange shoes, creating an outfit filled with vibrant hues. The outfit falls along a similar color scheme, despite the vastly different kinds of materials and chosen clothing articles.

_LLL7214Pairing colored tights with a mini skirt or mini dress, like Jeremy Scott and Tom Ford had on their runways, allow the tights to be the center of attention. By exposing more of the tights, they become central rather than an accent. Jeremy Scott also paired mini skirts with colored tights while maintaining the vibrant color scheme; since there is more exposure of the colored tights shown, the tights have to be more in tune with the rest of the outfit.

Tom Ford incorporated the trend as well. In his Fall 2018 show he displayed mini dresses and tights all in the same pattern and color scheme, which created a cohesive outfit. When wearing tights in this way, the outfit has to follow a general color scheme because there isn’t much room for experimentation like there is with longer dresses, coats and pants. The red leopard print creates an exciting look but doesn’t create the look that is as unconventional and unique as pairing the tights with longer garments._FOR0465

Whether colored tights are the centerpiece of an outfit or an accent piece, this trend is guaranteed to add an unexpected and distinct dimension of color to an outfit.

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