High Fashion, College Wallet: Burberry F/W 2017

London is embracing the Christmas spirit with Burberry’s Fall/Winter 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection. The vibrant and expressive collection takes an English twist on the Wild West by mixing bright plaids and printed sweaters with neutral suede pieces. This pairing of these seemingly dissimilar pieces illustrates the intertwining of modern and vintage styles.  The collection uses a number of sweater-based looks, some more quirky than others, to prompt a more traditional and tailored example of English fashion.

In addition, the continuous use of vinyl fabric keeps in line with the trendiness of translucent clothing. Overall, the collection, a effortless combination of trendy styles and tailored pieces, transformed Burberrys traditional preppy English image into something more fresh and a must-see at London Fashion Week. 


Source: Vogue

Look 44 perfectly exemplifies this collaboration of themes. The plaid two-piece combo in classic Burberry plaid stabilizes the look, while the golden safety pin neck accessory adds a subtle contrast–one that harkens to the punk movement in fashion. The suede patched sherpa jacket winterizes the outfit and adds playfulness to the otherwise demure clothing. The model carries an aqua leather cross-body bag that accent the look while keeping with the upbeat color scheme. The other accessories featured on the model are a pair of heeled oxford lace-ups, red and white socks, and a single asymmetric diamond dangle earring.

To get this perfect winter look that’s sure wow your friends this holiday season, try this $30 plaid dress from Old Navy. Pin the collar with this $3 safety pin from Etsy. The safety pin, though it seems unnecessary, is actually a perfect way to add some eccentricity to the piece. To keep yourself warm, grab this $42 fur-lined jacket from Old Navy, as well. The suede is a great balance to the plaid dress, while the fur keeps it practical for the weather.

Add some color and life with this blue cross-body bag for $20 from Target. For the shoes, look to this $50 pair of lace-up booties from Target. Switch the laces out with these red shoelaces for $3 from Target. Pair the heels with this pair of colorful socks from Express for $10. Finally, add some bling to your life with this twinkly pair of statement earrings from Lucky Brand for $20 to go match the gold safety pin.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 9.13.38 AM.png

Don’t play it safe this Christmas. Vamp your closet with a Burberry look that costs less that a round-trip ticket home for the holidays.

Alyssa Kelly is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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