How-to-Tuesday: Christmas Movie-Inspired Outfits

Christmas is more than just a time for presents, candy and holiday movies; it’s the season of endless Christmas parties and holiday events with friends and family. Choosing an outfit for each event is already hard enough–why not rock a look from a classic holiday film? Here are three different looks from three different movies to try for yourself.

1. Martha May Whovier, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)


Whether Whoville is your dream Christmas vacay destination or you’re just a big fan of Christine Baranksi’s character, Martha May Whovier’s outfits in Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas are undoubtedly worth copying. Particularly, the apparel featured during the Whobilation is perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit.

To get the look, shoot for this red jumpsuit from Forever 21 for $15. The structured bodice adds texture and creates a festive, yet sophisticated vibe. Add this satin green skirt from ASOS for $45 for a form-fitting addition. Accessorize with this $9 red statement necklace from Walmart and these dark red heels from ASOS for $32.

2. Jovie, Elf (2003)


If we’re talking about getting into the Christmas spirit, singing to a crowd in Central Park is always the way to go. Take a page from Jovie’s book in Elf on how to dress for a New York City winter frolic. Looks that can take someone from day to night are key for holiday attire in the city. With the perfect outfit, you can go from present shopping to date night with a few adjustments of accessories.

To get Jovie’s versatile look, check out this $20 sweater dress from American Eagle. It’s wearable for all occasions and adds elegance to the entire outfit. Put these black tights from H&M for $10 to keep your legs cozy and add some dimension. Top the outfit with this $95 tan coat from Banana Republic to keep you warm all winter long. Accentuate things with this knit scarf from H&M for $18 and a chic winter hat, like this one from American Eagle for $8. Finish things off with a trendy pair of chelsea boots, like this $40 pair from JustFab.

3. Betty, White Christmas (1954)


Searching for more formal holiday attire? Look no further than Betty’s dazzling dress in the timeless holiday movie White Christmas. Rosemary Clooney’s character rocks a number of stellar pieces, but her sparkly black gown she wears in the the Minstrel Show is perfect inspiration for an upscale Christmas event.

Replicating this look couldn’t be simpler. This black sequin dress from H&M for $40 is a fashionable piece that’s sure to wow any crowd. Top the dress over a sheer pair of black stockings. Try these $2 red gloves from Walmart to add that pop of color and show off your bold side. Finish the look with this sleek pair of red heels from ASOS for $32.

Wherever your holiday plans take you, classic Christmas films are a great place to find fashion inspiration. Whether you’re on the naughty or nice list, you’re sure to look good this holiday season. 

Alyssa Kelly is a contributing writer. Email her at

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