How-to-Tuesday: White Boots

Winter is upon us, but don’t put away your fall clothes just yet. Recent tabloids and runway shows have proven that the white boot trend is here to stay. While white and pastels have been traditionally connoted with spring and summer styles, but recent runways and style icons challenge that. Brands like Gucci and Chanel have shown this past runway season that you can don snowy white boots in winter and seasons beyond. Here are a few ways to confidently sport this season’s coolest statement pieces.

Black and White

Black and white is considered a classic pairing that never fails to be fashionable. Keep it as simple as Karlie Kloss did in one September New York Fashion Week outfit: pair a long black knit dress and delicate gold jewelry with white ankle length boots. Large black knit sweaters can also work with this look. A black cable neck sweater is instantly transformed from casual to sultry when worn with a pair of white thigh highs. For an edgier look, draw inspiration from the Fenty Puma by Rihanna Spring 2018 runway show and pair white lace-up thigh high boots with a large black hoodie. 

White Out

A large white fur, when paired with white boots, can emanate luxury and class in monochrome. Channel your favorite Old Hollywood star and complete this classic look with a bold cat eye and a pop of red rouge. To make this more modern, a long sleeved white knit dress paired with white boots emanates the style of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. Wearing a monochromatic outfit draws some of the attention from the clothing to the face, so take this as an opportunity to try a bold makeup or hair statement. 

The Prep

White clothing is something you’ll see in abundance at any country club across America. While you may not see many white boots, you shouldn’t feel hesitant to break out these statement pieces. To create a preppier look, pair your white boots with a pair of tan suede bootcut pants, dark turtleneck and white vest. Opt for a white boot with a wooden heel; the whites of the boots will juxtapose perfectly with the turtleneck and the wooden heel pairs well with the earthy tones in the outfit.

Subbing Sneakers for Boots

Want to really think outside of the box? Want to be both comfy and daring? Take a page from Emily Ratajkowski’s book and pair your favorite track pants with a pair of white ankle boots. The stripes on the side of dark Adidas leggings will look interestingly abstract when worn with a pair of white ankle-length heeled boots.

White and Denim

Bright denim also works really well with ivory boots. Pairing your white boots with a denim jumpsuit will give your outfit a twinge of sweetness while maintaining the powerful character of the jumpsuit in tact. White boots tucked in light blue high-waisted jeans with a flowy floral blouse will create a springtime look full of careless innocence.  The floral blouse could also be substituted with a cropped white or black sweater for the colder months.

Golden Key

When you’re looking to match the white shoes with accessories, gold jewelry is definitely a safe choice. Gold and white has proven time and time again to work well in fashion, whether it be during the golden age in hollywood or the disco period. A simple pair of gold hoop earrings add spunk to any outfit with white boots, and with a monochromatic outfit,  a gold necklace provides an instant pop of elegance.  

White boots are not just a statement for women; men of all ages have proven to rock the white boots with just as much panache as women. Many NYU students caught music legend and style icon Bob Dylan sporting a pair of white boots at his mid-November concert at the Beacon Theatre. One thing’s for certain: you can never be too old, too manly or too passé to make an impression in these shoes.

Valeria Young is a contributing writer. Email her at

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