Celebrity Stylists from New York You Should Be Following

An outfit worn by a model on a catwalk or an A-list celebrity on a red carpet can grasp the attention of a large audience for extended periods of time. News outlets and social media will praise or destroy the celebrity for their choice in clothing. However good or bad the outfit, there is one person that is behind what goes on his or her body: the stylist. Some stylists have immense unrecognized talent; they are, after all, behind the looks that constantly land celebrities like Beyoncé and Kendall Jenner on best-dressed lists. For those of us who aspire to dress some of the biggest names in Hollywood, here are a list of talented fashion stylists based out of NYC.

  1. Erin Walsh (@erinwalshnyc)

Celebrity Clients: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kerry Washington, Maggie Gyllenhaal

Erin Walsh has said time and time again that she enjoys breaking the rules, but it is still pleasantly surprising to see her defy convention, subtle or not. Whether it’s an unexpected cutout on a classic little black dress or a modern statement necklace paired with a timeless gown, Walsh always incorporates one anomaly that keeps everyone talking for days on end. Every look she creates is relevant to many generations of devoted readers of fashion magazines, blogs, and social media posts because she successfully melds classic with modern. This is partially due to her tendency to include at least one hot trend of the moment. Overall, her attempt to find a way for an outfit to stand the test of time is admirable.

  1. Rachel Zoe (@rachelzoe)

Celebrity Clients: Emma Stone, Gwen Stefani, Amy Adams

Perhaps the most well-known fashion stylist in the game, Rachel Zoe knows better than to take her influence on the fashion world lightly. Zoe, who has become a household name, is known for creating signature styles for high-profile celebrities such as Nicole Richie’s boho-chic look. As stated on her fashion line site, she is all about promoting “effortless glamour and modern tailored silhouettes.” This is something Zoe strives to execute in each of her fashion endeavors. Something that makes her stand out is the collaboration element she includes in her styling endeavors with her clientele. As documented in her former reality TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project, Zoe is equally concerned with making her clients happy as she is with creating something she is proud of.

  1. Aeri Yun (@aeriyun)

Celebrity Clients: Ashley Olsen, Sky Ferreira

While this talented stylist tends to remain pretty under the public radar, she is definitely not someone who should be ignored. Yun is signed with the famous agency, The Wall Group, where she has provided a unique perspective on styling sought after by celebrities who aren’t afraid to make consistent bold fashion statements. Yun consistently finds ways to surprise her audience, whether it be adding multitude of colors to an outfit and making everything match or pairing opposing silhouettes and making it seem like they were meant to be together. Yun is known for styling the fearless, the outspoken and the unapologetic; one quick peek at her inspiring portfolio shows that this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

  1. Kate Young (@kateyoung)

Celebrity Clients: Selena Gomez, Natalie Portman, Margot Robbie

Kate Young has been called “the most in-demand celebrity stylist,” and she definitely lives up to that title. The former magazine assistant uses her previous editorial experience to her advantage; she is able to pinpoint what will and what will fail to make a lasting impression on camera. To her, a picture lasts forever, so how well an outfit photographs should determine if it is worth wearing. Young is also fond of the “edgy-classic” aesthetic: she takes a timeless piece and adds an experimental element to it in order to make a more cutting-edge look. What Young is best known for is prioritizing flattering silhouettes for her clients over everything else, so it isn’t surprising that she has been praised for her outstanding tailoring skills.

  1. Micaela Erlanger (@micaelaerlanger)

Celebrity Clients: Lupita Nyong’o, Olivia Munn

What makes newcomer stylist Micaela Erlanger stand out from the rest is her ability to create a look that extends its influence over many generations. Erlanger is known for combining vintage pieces with recently introduced contemporary trends. This strategy has led her to be referred to as one of the most influential young stylists that refuses to play it safe, even during high-profile award shows. Even though Erlanger has mastered the skill of perfectly pairing unconventional clothing items with each other, she still manages to keep things unpredictable and leave fashion critics on the edge of their seats.

Sherah Ndjongo is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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