Thanksgiving Travel Tips for the Stylish Jetsetter

Thanksgiving break is upon us, and many NYU students have plans of jetting out of New York City. Travel can be tiring and stressful, especially for those flying out of the country.  The rowdy Thanksgiving crowd you’ll encounter at JFK or Laguardia will only make your undesirable situation arguably worse. A great way of de-stressing before and during travel is to have a flying-specific beauty routine. Some of the most seasoned travelers can vouch for the benefits of having a routine to combat the dry, cramped atmosphere of an airplane cabin. For those of you that don’t have a routine and want one, here are some tips to ensure an enjoyable trip home.

Makeup and Skincare Products

Heavy, or full-coverage makeup is not always a good choice for travel. The heavy foundation may turn into acnes and breakouts due to the dry environment on the airplane. However, moisturizer, such as BB cream or travel-sized lotion, is crucial for the dry environment. The higher altitude and thinner air in the flight may lead to UV rays and infrared radiation, so some SPF-carried products and lip balm are necessary to help protect you from damaged skin or lips. Oil-absorbing sheets and cleansing wipes are also helpful when you are too tired to wash your face properly. Don’t forget to bring hand sanitizer, since you will never how many people have touched the armrest.


Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is the key for enjoyable travel. Stray away from rigid fabrics like leather and opt for softer fabrics, like cashmere or cotton. Often times, the inside of the airplane is cold, so having that extra layer is important. A cozy jacket or an oversized sweater functions not only as a warm comforter, but also as a pillow when you are taking a nap. Bonus if there are pockets on the jacket; that way, you can store small items that you may need to take out frequently. The pockets can also double as hand warmers. For pants, a comfortable pair of sweatpants or leggings are usually the better option. If you feel like you can rock a pair of jeans while remaining comfortable, go for it.


A carry-on bag provides a useful and convenient space to hold the most important travel items: your identity card, passport, phone and ticket. Usually, a hands-free bag, such as a backpack or a cross-body bag, will help you remain organized and save you time finding your passport or phone when holding huge luggage cases. As for shoes, slip-on shoes, like sneakers or flats, are the ideal choice for travel, as you will most likely have to slip them on and off going through security.  If you’re opting for a more elevated style, try a pair of ankle boots.

Miscellaneous Tips

If you know you are going to take a nap, be prepared for your hair, long or short, to be a mess. If your hair is long enough, an easy way to ensure comfort while avoiding messy hair is to have a stash of elastic bands to create a messy bun or ponytail. If you’re looking to sleep on a flight, brining a sleeping mask will provide some privacy and avoid dry eyes from the stale air. Ear plugs are also crucial for a sweet nap, especially if you are sensitive to sounds while trying to fall asleep.

We hope you are able to incorporate some of these tips into your beauty routine the next time you travel. Remeber–ensuring you are first and foremost comfortbale in the atmosphere is essential to successful travel.

Sherry Yan is a staff writer. Email her at

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