Under-the-Radar Blogs You Should Be Following

Social media has changed the game when it comes to the beauty and fashion industries. Although some people are lamenting the decline in popularity of fashion blogs, the reason for this decline should not be blamed on social media. Rather, social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube are being used as supplementary marketing tools for blogs, which are not going away anytime soon. Blogs like Man Repeller and We Wore What have already created a strong and influential name for themselves in the fashion community. Still, there are a few unique yet relatively unknown blogs that we should be paying attention to.

Beauty Is Boring

Unforgettable visuals are what help renowned makeup artist, photographer, and creative director Robin Black’s beauty blog stand out from the rest. The triple threat puts her extensive experience with camera work, makeup artistry and networking to good use by capturing interesting runway-inspired beauty looks on a diverse range of models. Her blog feels editorial, yet what sets her apart is her boldness and diligence about highlighting each person’s distinctive features in the beauty industry, from models to makeup artists. Black’s blog is no doubt a unique celebration of human individuality.

Egg Canvas

Erica Choi, a fashion forward photographer, art director and designer, prefers to call her blog a “visual journal.” On her blog, she not only features minimalistic ensembles and beauty advice but also posts travel photos that highlight the harmony between her eclectic outfits and the beautiful architecture at the site. It’s not uncommon for this dedicated blogger to make the most of her surroundings. Erica is based in New York City and often picks the most visually appealing locations in Lower Manhattan to shoot her creative lookbook’s.

The Fashion Guitar

Charlotte is a full-time fashion and beauty blogger who, like many influencers, takes her job very seriously. The much sought after blogger tends to mix and match pieces ranging from various price points that broaden her appeal to followers of different backgrounds. This talent has landed her collaborating with high-profile brands such as Shiseido, Chanel and Bergdorf Goodman. Another eminent aspect of her blog is her ability to pair classics with the latest trends, drawing the attention of both those who appreciate timeless pieces and those who are looking for the best new trend. 

Dear Milano

The unexpected is something readers can always expect from Dear Milano’s Andrea Maria. In Andrea’s world, there is no color palette that has too many pastel shades, no print that is too bold and no lipstick that is too bright. Her no-limits approach to styling comes from her background in fashion design and also allows her to provide a unique insight into the fashion industry beyond personal style. Because of her platform as an respected influencer, Andrea Maria has been interviewed and featured in numerous magazines such as Elle, Refinery 29 and Harpers Bazaar.

The future of fashion and beauty blogs is still looking bright, as shown by these “unknown” bloggers who are constantly rising in page views and follower count. As of now, blogs are here to stay, and their influence in the fashion industry will continue to be undeniable.

Sherah Ndjongo is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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