Guy Fashion, College Wallet: Helmut Lang S/S 2018

This week’s special edition of “High Fashion, College Wallet” is for the male style enthusiasts out there. Dressing well is not an exclusionary task, so this week, we’re highlighting Helmut Lang’s gender-bending Spring 2018 Read-to-Wear collection. This collection of asymmetrical bralettes and inverted styles defy the pretenses behind social norms. Each look represents a part of the creation process: some look more finished than others, but each article of clothing contains a unique essence that is able to stand independent of the colleciton.

The collection doesn’t stray far from a majority black and white palette. Occasionally there were infusions of red and pink in the fabric and accessories to liven the tone and add a romantic twist. This romanticism is juxtaposed with BDSM-themed pieces comprised of leather, metal accents and stiff silhouette. This statement, intentional or not, suggests a theme exploring the many dimensions of love, romance and sexuality. Designer Shayne Oliver’s choice to include models of multiple gender identities and demonstrates the universality of love and relationships within the world we live today.


Look 29, worn by model Tommy, is a simple and small-scale version of the avant-garde pieces within the collection. The tattoo-clad model dressed in a fitted Helmut Lang graphic t-shirt with a pair of appropriately loose black trousers. The pants are adorned with a classic white belt which accents the look’s inclusion of white dress shoes.

It’s entirely possible that one would already have similar pieces to these in their closet. However, in the interest of aiding those who may be new to the high-fashion world, we’ve found all the pieces to make this designer look wearable. To get your own version for less, check out these look-a-like pieces for less.

To maintain the original color scheme while subtly embracing modern pop-culture, try this $13 Stranger Things t-shirt from Target. It’s a great piece to dress up or down, while also embracing the 80s vintage trend that is characterizing most runways. Add these simple minimalist black slacks from ASOS for $32 to add a sense of purpose and action to the look. Accessorize with this white golfer’s belt from Kohl’s for $15, because fashion goes beyond the 18th hole. Finish things off with this pair of $46 white Stacy Adams dress shoes, a great edition to any wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 1.34.04 PM.png

Don’t be the guy always rocking the polo and cargo shorts because that’s what was on sale at Academy Sports. Step up your fashion game for less, because there’s no excuse not to.

Alyssa Kelly is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at

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