How-to-Tuesday: Sick Day Beauty Routine

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing and the kleenex boxes are running low. You know what that means: it’s cold and flu season at NYU. Whether or not you’ve gotten your flu shot at CVS or Walgreens, there is no escaping the pesky cold that will surely travel round your 9 am seminar. I know that at even the first sign of a sniffle all you want to do is hibernate in bed until the evil sick season has passed. However, NYU professors often won’t cancel class because you feel like death. Here are a few tips to help you feel more refreshed and awake for your classes, even while you are battling the worst cold since, like, ever

1. Drink tea: I am a firm believer that a good cup of tea can brighten anyone’s day. Not only should you already be chugging mugs of Manuka honey and lemon tea daily in order to help boost your immune system, but drinking chamomile tea at night will also help you sleep better allowing you to feel more refreshed for your 8am calculus class. In the morning opt for a caffeinated green tea instead of coffee as it will give you a similar energy boost as coffee but without the side effects.  Green tea also helps speed up your metabolism incase you are spending these days in bed binge eating comfort foods. The warmth of a good cup of tea ( herbal or caffeinated) will leave you feeling cozy and rejuvenated for hours.

2. Treat yo’self to a face mask: Run down to your local drugstore and treat yourself to a brightening face mask. Not only will these help you rid of those pesky blemishes that pop up during the winter months, but it will also leave your skin looking healthier and moisturized in the winter chill. Pop on your favorite Netflix show, grab a cup of tea and smear on a good face mask. The level of relaxation you are guaranteed to feel will be just as rejuvenating to your mind and body as the actual face mask is to your pores.

3. Work out: I know this is the absolute last thing you want to do, but there are enough studies out there to prove the power of exercise in combatting sickness. If you are feeling especially ill and don’t think you can complete your usual treadmill/abs combo, then go to a yoga class at Palladium or 404 Lafayette. Yoga is the perfect workout remedy for when you are feeling down; it’s an excellent workout for both your body and mind. Sometimes the mere idea of leaving your room is painful, so an alternative to the gym is logging onto YouTube and pop on one of the thousands of at home yoga tutorials to get your exercise fix.

Try to stay motivated throughout flu season and do everything you can to power through these cold months. If you follow these steps to combat sickness, no one will ever know that you used up two boxes of tissues and are on the highest dosage of DayQuil.

Florence O’Connor is a contributing writer. Email her at

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