High Fashion, College Wallet: Balmain F/W 2017

Designers are continuously question and bend the gender binary in modern fashion. Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing joins the growing list of other designers straying from women’s clothing stereotypes in his newest Ready-to-Wear collection. The animalistic runway harmonizes with the theme in the clothing: the human race is united and dominated by our primal instincts, regardless of gender. Rousting pushes this idea that humans, in their most basic form, and animals have more in common that we may believe. This collection dresses the model in a variety of skins from other animals, blurring the line between the female models and their inner animalistic nature amidst a variety of skin colors. Experimenting with these neutral tones and textures tests the boundaries of gender and minimizes the fashion industry’s conceptual boxes.


Source: Vogue

Look 67 worn by model Grace Bol emulates a true ready-to-wear adaptation of these themes. At the center of the look is a burnt sienna cutout bodysuit topped with a classic black leather jacket. The abundant presence of leather throughout the whole collection supports the theme of power struggle and female dominance in the animal kingdom. Over the bodysuit, high-waisted brown joggers elongate the model’s figure, and a red animal skin belt acts as a clear separation of the top and bottom halves of the look. Finally, the boxy black handbag paired with gold jewelry and a simple strappy brown heel encourages the themes of nature and simplicity within this collection.

While Balmain’s one of a kind bodysuit serves looks all the way down the catwalk, this $15 orange mesh bodysuit from Forever 21 offers a similar effect with a revealing drop back. Pair the bodysuit with these $20 satin joggers from Boohoo for an upscale look. The bottoms feature splits at the ends which adds a frivolity and nuance to the overall look. Top off the look with this $38 Forever 21 leather moto jacket for an authentic look of grunge and animalistic dominance.

To complement and further extend the ideas expressed in the piece, this $30 Forever satchel maintains the dark tones throughout the look, while equally keeping the piece’s wearability. In addition, trade in the leather skin belt with red tones for this $14 studded faux leather waist belt from Boohoo to generate a steadfast concept of rocker chic. Satisfy the jewelry additions with this $15 tassel gold and grey necklace from Etsy to brighten the model’s look. Top off the entire outfit with these $25 heeled suede sandals from Charlotte Russe to complete the full journey of woman to animal to alpha female.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.02.21 PM.png

If you’re trying to relinquish your inner animal, this Balmain replica will command the attention of the room and give you that powerful boost of confidence you need. 

Alyssa Kelly is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.



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