4 YouTube “Gurus” For the College Student

YouTube has come a long way from the home videos of 2005, shot on a grainy webcam with enthusiasm and spontaneity. Today, YouTube has become a community of leaders with millions of subscribers and elaborate high-quality videos. “Beauty and style” videos have gained significant popularity within the past few years, and what started as ordinary girls sharing their favorite products from their bedrooms has become big business.These self-labeled “beauty gurus” have made lots of money off of their high subscriber count and landing major brand deals that have led many to prop themselves in front of their cameras in hopes of gaining large-scale success.

However, this over-saturation of beauty gurus has caused originality in beauty and style content to plummet. Still, there are a few standout beauty gurus that set themselves apart from the others. Data collected by OpenSlate shows that the majority of the beauty and style audience, 39.9% of it, is comprised of college-age women. This means that these women and men are speaking to us, the new generation of creators and innovators. This article is intended to showcase the Youtubers that go above and beyond makeup videos while creating a positive impact on and off the digital space.

Karen Yeung, @IAMKARENO

Makeup skills are one thing, but it’s consistent innovation and an engaging personality that’s going to convince viewers to stick around. Luckily, for Karen Yeung, everything on this list is checked off. Not only does she take editing to a whole level with vibrant visuals matching her unique pastel makeup looks, but she also opts to teach her devoted audience about her surprising twists on popular trends and provide informative guides on different cultural methods for beauty as well as fashion like Japanese-inspired looks. Yeung proves that makeup is undoubtedly an art form that can surely be used for self-expression.

Nicole Guerriero, @nguerriero19

With nearly three million subscribers, Nicole Guerriero has established a name for herself as one of the most influential beauty gurus in the blogosphere. Detailed monthly favorites videos, lengthy hauls and jaw dropping celebrity recreations are just a few of the talented Nicole Guerriero’s specialities that led to her gaining her close to three million subscribers. Her expertise in addition to her marketability has led to her founding her own skincare line, Best Damn Beauty, and collaborating with the highly prestigious Anastasia Beverly Hills to develop a glow a metallic highlighter kit, met with high acclaim.

Jordi Dreher, @itslikelymakeup

Jordi Dreher, a professional makeup artist, has gained popularity there for her specifically themed and character-based makeup tutorials. Dreher creates dark and bold renditions of characters like Betty Boop and Marilyn Manson and impresses her viewers with her chameleon-like talent. She also plays with a wide range of products from drugstore brands to high-end labels, experimenting to end up with eye-catching contrasts and out of the box concepts that could be worn during various occasions. For the risk takers not intimidated by colors, metallics or the unexpected, Jordi may just be your cup of tea.

Sandi Crystal Ball, @cutepolish

The nail polish tutorial circuit is saturated with plenty of talented manicurists, but Sandi Crystal Ball undoubtedly is a major player in this scene. This unconventional beauty guru started her YouTube channel by uploading how-to clips on anything from Disney character nails to cupcake designs to holiday specials. What sets her apart from other beauty gurus is that she ensures her tutorials are fit for both beginners to master and for more experienced viewers to recreate. Due to the overwhelming amount of support her videos had received has received, Sandi eventually expanded cutepolish from a one-woman project to a network of lacqueristas named Hannah, Juli, Minnie and Miri. Sandi proves that collaboration is the key to success and can only compliment the talent that already exists.

YouTube has led to the transformation of the beauty industry, both on and offline, for the better. Beauty influencers now are presented with the chance to launch their careers through this platform, and their words and actions often hold serious weight in determining what’s on and off trend for this generation of digital media consumers. If all beauty and style vloggers held the same standards as these game changers when it comes to originality and inventiveness, we can only imagine how brilliant and inspiring this expansive YouTube section could be for the beauty hopefuls.

Sherah Ndjongo is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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