Kate Goodman on Being a Style Guru

CollegeFashionista is one of the most widely recognized sources for style trends on college campuses. This blog, launched in 2009, is written by college students, or “style gurus,” and allows a place for other students to view their fashionable peers. In fact, at the top of their website, in big bold black letters is this quote: “Your campus is the runway.” This sounds intriguing. Unfortunately, going to NYU has many perks, but a college campus is not one. The NYU branch of CollegeFashionsita is therefore presented with a challenge that other college campuses don’t possess: bringing together the unique style of NYU students without the boundaries of a campus.

So, what exactly is it like to be a CollegeFashionsta at NYU? Kate Goodman, a sophomore in the Liberal Studies program, is one of the few style gurus selected to represent NYU and their stylish student body. Goodman is no stranger to NYU’s fashion scene, as she is also the Public Relations chairman for the Fashion Business Association, NYU’s student-run fashion business club. She heard about this opportunity through her friend Isabella Langbecker, a past style guru and fellow FBA PR chairman.

“One of my best friends [Langbecker] was a guru freshman spring and sophomore fall,” Goodman said. “I heard about it through her, it sounded like a fun deal, so I thought I’d just apply and see what happens.”

Applying to be a style guru, according to Goodman, was easier than one would think. The application asked her for basic information about her school, major, previous experience in photography and previous experience in journalism. Although she had no experience in journalism past desk jobs and office work, her passion drove her to apply for the position in November. One month later, she received her acceptance.

The mechanics of blogging for CollegeFashionista are low-stress as well. CollegeFashionista requires their gurus to post at least once a month, and if one of the gurus has a difficult time knowing what to write about, they provide you with suggested categories, like “what to wear to a concert” or, for more traditional college campuses, “what to wear to a tailgate.” Although the vibe is more laid-back than most publications, Goodman takes this as serious as she would any other commitment.

“I am a planner, and that definitely requires the most effort,” Goodman says. “At the start of the semester, I try to plan out every single article for every single month. Once I have a subject, then I can start writing about a topic like millennial pink or graphic tees.”

CollegeFashionsita also asks that the gurus take their own photos. This is Goodman’s favorite part about being a guru. Through this, she gains a sense of community amongst her peers at NYU.

“I always have my camera on me,” Goodman says. “I go up to people and say, “Do you mind if I take your picture?” It feels kind of awkward, but it’s a way to interact with people and build a connection with others, especially at a place as spread out as NYU.”

Another perk of being a CollegeFashionista is the sense of community within the company. Before applying, Goodman was hoping that she would find a community of like-minded people amongst the gurus. She was able to facilitate relationships with both the gurus and employees at events sponsored by CollegeFashionista. In February, Goodman and other gurus from Parsons and FIT was invited to an exclusive preview of WhoWhatWear’s Spring collection.

“It’s not all just random or interaction with a computer,” Goodman said. “It feels personal, even though you aren’t in an office setting or interacting with them every day.”

For Goodman, CollegeFashionista has provided many opportunities for her both in and outside of the company itself. In the fall, Goodman plans on further pursuing her passion as both a style guru and as a student in Gallatin’s Fashion Business program. While Goodman does not plan on being a journalist, she is glad that being a style guru has helped her explore that side of the industry. She’s already seen the positive affect that being a guru has had on her life.

“Currently, I work at a fashion marketing consultant firm,” Goodman said. “Some of my colleagues recognize it on my resume and say, “I was a style guru too!” I’m really glad I got to experience this.”

(Check out Kate’s newest article about layering!)

Michaela Hoffman is the editor of VioletVision. Email her at mhoffman@nyunews.com.



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