High Fashion, College Wallet: Coach 1941

This season’s New York Fashion Week saw an appearance from the Wild Wild West via Coach. Stuart Vevers’s collection, titled “Coach 1941,” caught the attention of the crowd against a backdrop of a barren desert and a runway lined with grassy plants. Earth-toned floral dresses and fringe jackets complemented rooster graphics and fur bowler hats and created a fusion of prairie and hip-hop fashion. The leather jackets and bags lined with sheepskin symbolized the balance between the harshness of Western life with the tranquility of embracing oneself in nature. For accessories, the waist-long necklace adorned with an assortment of change books as charms was reminiscent of trinkets in a countryside antique shops.

Look 15 on model Binx Walton featured an army-patched black varsity jacket topped with a rust-colored fur shrug. This look brought in a pop of color and pattern to the Earth-tone palette with a sheer violet ruffled blouse and a miniskirt with plaid, floral and black mesh panels. The model also donned one of the collection’s signature change purse necklaces to match her leather mini-handbag. In addition, the oversized sheepskin saddle oxfords added a delicacy to the look that counterbalances the outfit’s otherwise rustic tone.


Source: Vogue

To obtain a replica of this COACH look, these alternative pieces capture the tenor of the collection while being kind to your wallet. This $27 sheer black top from ASOS with ruffled adds a edginess to the look that is lacking in the original piece. Pair the top with this $46 black lace maxi also from ASOS for a flirty boho look. For the jacket, cut the price by grabbing your own plain oversized varsity jacket, like this $40 one from Forever 21. Iron on your own patches, like these for $3 from eBay, to personalize the piece. Add this $12 faux fur wedding shawl in either coffee or khaki fleece for an added warmth in both color scheme and temperature.

For accessories, trade in the sheepskin boots for these brown fur-lined sneakers for $20 from Payless. The fur maintains that rustic, Western sense, while the lace up sneaker component generates an athletic element. Throw on this coin bag necklace for $15 from Etsy. The baby deer imagery adds to the outdoorsy-without-going-outside aspect of the apparel. Finish the ensemble with this $12 mini handbag from eBay. For a more muted concept for in tune with the original COACH outfit, choose the bag in beige. However, if you’re looking to brighten the piece with some color, choose a bag in red or blue

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.08.19 AM

By reworking two uniquely American styles, hip hop and prairie, into his collection, Vevers was able to create something uniquely authentic; bringing the Great Plains to the New York runway is not a feat to be overlooked.

Alyssa Kelly is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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