The Power of Makeup with Lindsay Karchin

You might see Gallatin sophomore Lindsay Karchin on campus, running from her classes in Stern to class in Gallatin. You might spot her bustling backstage at the Gallatin Fashion Show in the Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre. You also might see her off campus on the set of a music video shoot in Brooklyn. Regardless, Karchin, a Gallatin sophomore from New Jersey, is able to flawlessly balance her busy and unique schedule that comes with being both a full-time student and a freelance makeup artist.

Karchin became interested in makeup at a very young age through her time as a ballerina in both New York and Germany.

“I actually worked as a professional ballet dancer for five years before I came to NYU,” Karchin said. “Makeup artistry was a big part of it through stage makeup.”

To Karchin, applying makeup before a performance was almost therapeutic, yet sparked an undeniable interest in her. She wanted to learn more about the makeup itself: the different application techniques and the types of products used for application.

“I became more interested in the world of beauty and the language of beauty which I wanted to explore a bit,” Karchin said.

After moving to NYC for school, Karchin managed to get more hands on experience in the makeup field. She took an intensive beauty course at the Make Up For Ever studio in Soho, and then got an internship at NuWorld Beauty in New Jersey. There, she worked as a marketing and new product development intern. As her interest in the field developed, she began to explore cosmetic advertising and marketing.

“I was interested in the way that women were being portrayed in the media,” Karchin said. “Specifically, in the world of beauty. All of these things are elements that I’m combining into my concentration [at Gallatin].”

Through her two years of experience working professionally as a makeup artist, Karchin has already had a slew of interesting experiences and made plenty of unexpected connections. Recently, Karchin worked on the set of a music video for Thirdstory, a NYC based band of singer-songwriters. In addition, Karchin worked as a makeup artist for NYFW-featured designer Vivienne Hu. She was able to make this connection through her roommate.

“My roommate from last year was actually an intern for her at the time,” Karchin said. “She needed hair and makeup done last minute before an event, so she asked me if I could come on over. You meet a lot of interesting people that way.”

As for her future, Karchin knows that she has already found a home in the beauty industry. In the fall, she is planning on taking classes at FIT, which she hopes will supplement her luxury retail and marketing classes in both Gallatin and Stern. She sees herself utilizing her Gallatin degree to pursue a career in marketing or social responsibility in the makeup industry. One cause she is interested in is helping people like burn victims regain confidence through the use of makeup.

Karchin’s passion and dedication for this often overlooked field is admirable. She is here to prove that makeup can be both a form of self-expression and, if you work hard enough, a way of life.

“At the end of the day if you feel confident, everyone should feel free to be able to express themselves however they see fit,” Karchin said.

Photo credit: Kiki Murphy

Thomas Chou is a staff writer. Email him at


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