Thrift Your Way to a New Spring Wardrobe

Attention closets: Spring is soon approaching, which means that it’s time for Spring cleaning! Time to pack away those black, puffy overcoats and fur-lined boots and replace them with some quintessential Spring prints, like florals and gingham, and clean, white sneakers. While it’s always fun to purge your wardrobe and buy new Spring wardrobe pieces, this habit is expensive and increases fashion’s carbon footprint. If you’re feeling like your Spring wardrobe needs more color and zest, avoid shopping brands like Zara or H&M and try searching for recycled clothing at your local thrift store instead.

Our writer Thomas Chou ventured to Cure Thrift Shop, located on East 12th street, to see if he could find some of Spring’s hottest trends for a fraction of the prince. Cure is a favorite amongst New Yorkers not only for its modern appeal, but also because the proceeds benefit Type 1 Diabetes research and advocacy. While other thrift shops like Goodwill or Savers can be disorganized and cluttered, Cure is clean and simple; the staff manage to balance a large variety of eclectic pieces while keeping the store organized. Through his hunt in Cure, he managed to find three great pieces for Spring that can easily be integrated into your existing wardrobe:

  1. White Sneakers

Despite the fact that white sneakers have always been in style for Spring and Summer, as of recent, luxury houses like Gucci and Balenciaga have elevated the plain white sneaker into high fashion, making them all the more desirable for this season. I managed to find some all-white Converse in my size that looked as if they had never been worn. Cure keeps the shoes limited to those that have not been totally beaten up, so it’s a great place to look around for a trendy pair of shoes that you might not ordinarily be willing to invest too much in. White sneakers during Spring and Summer are easily styled in any casual look, they come off as clean, simple, and stylish, no matter the outfit.

  1. Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts have also become very trendy, the style of floral prints for men having really come back in full-force. Loose fitting, soft fabrics make the best Hawaiian shirts, and I managed to find a vintage J. Crew, short-sleeve blue and white floral shirt. Although it fit a little big and loose, for Spring and Summer, the shirt will be a nice airy and light answer to combat the heat. Hawaiian shirts are a great statement piece, and I would style it with a clean pair of light colored shorts, and some classic white sneakers.

  1. Stripes

I love stripes and have always loved stripes, so it makes me happy to see stripes coming back in style. Various types of stripes, especially nautical ones, are being advertised by big name brands like Tommy Hilfiger and J. Crew. I found a soft, worn gray and white striped t-shirt that just had the perfect amount of fade that gives it that broken-in feel that makes thrifted t-shirts desirable and comfortable. Stripes are an easy way to add a pop of something interesting into your Spring or Summer look, and is a timelessly casual and comfortable print. Once again, I’d style a striped t-shirt with proper fitting shorts, and white sneakers for a relaxed, warm weather look.

These three easy, wearable trends for spring should keep everyone looking fresh and renewed in the warmer weather. Thrifting is an easy way to save a few bucks and an easy way to help save the earth as well. If you’re thinking about updating your spring wardrobe soon, thrifting is definitely the answer.

Thomas Chou is a staff writer. Email him at


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