A Glimpse into the Morning of an NYU Student

Some people manage to rise and shine every morning like Cinderella, dancing and singing and smiling, while others struggle to find any happiness waking up early. Even if you are an early riser or on the struggle bus every morning, everyone has a unique routine that helps them jump-start their busy day at NYU. Our writer Grace Bohlson, a freshman in Liberal Studies, looked into the morning routines of three of her friends, as well as her own morning routine, to to explore what factors of a routine can make the early mornings seem a little more bearable. 

The first student I spoke to about their morning routine is my roommate, Rachel Gramson, a Tisch freshman. We both have classes starting at 11am every day of the week. However, while I can easily get up and be out of the door in fifteen minutes, she is much more meticulous.

Her alarm goes off every morning at nine AM, but since she is a heavy sleeper and I am a light one, the alarm often wakes me up before her. At this point, point I look for pillows or other items to toss at her. Once she rouses, the first thing she does is wash her face.

“If I don’t immediately wash my face,” Rachel explains. “I will bump into things and be all kinds of messy.”

Then, she then brews a cup of coffee with a Keurig and sits down to do her makeup. Once that is done, Rachel usually spends a good chunk of her morning wrestling her curly black hair into submission. Although she used to wash her hair in the morning, she switched to throwing on a beanie or pigtails last November instead of washing her hair in the morning. 

Once she’s happy with her hair and makeup, Rachel puts on clothes. It’s about this time that I’m rolling out of bed, speedily washing my face, and throwing on makeup and clothes. However, the very first thing I do each morning is put in my contacts. If I don’t put in contacts, I’d bump into anything and everything.

I also spoke to Charlotte Li, a Steinhardt freshman from Beijing, China. At seven AM on the dot, Charlotte’s alarm goes off. The first thing she does when she wakes up is chugging hot water. Then she eats her breakfast, which, most of the time, is sushi.

“I get sushi from Palladium the night before and save it for morning,” Charlotte explains.

While eating her breakfast, Charlotte often puts on Family Guy as background noise, since her roommate is not up to chat with her. After eating, she washes her face, brushes her teeth and gets dressed. She’s out the door before her eight AM class without ingesting any coffee–a feat that will never cease to impress me.

My friend Everett Jiang, a CAS freshman, has a similar morning routine to mine.  Like Charlotte, he too has eight AM classes, but he only gives himself enough time to brush his teeth and throw on clothes before biking to class.

“My morning routine was completely different before coming to college,” Everett explains. “I had to give myself a huge adrenaline rush to force myself to show up to school.”

When I asked him about this “adrenaline rush,” he explained that he would leave an hour early so that he would have time to drive along the mountain roads at his home. He would often see how fast he could take the hairpin curves before his class.

“It’s different living in New York because, obviously, I don’t have a car,” Everett says. “I also stay up so much later these days, so waking up early is out of the question.”

For these people, many of their morning routines changed when they came to college. No matter why that is, each student has one end goal in common: get to class on time, and take your day at NYU-head on. Mornings have the ability to make or break your day, so make the most of it, whether that means heeding the advice of these students or finding something else that motivates you. 

Grace Bohlson is a contributing writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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