The Art of Design with Victoria Menard

CAS sophomore Victoria Menard recently premiered her all white collection at the Fashion Business Association’s Third Annual Fashion Show. In an interview with Violet Vision, Menard divulges her entire career in fashion and how it led up to her time in the fashion show. A recent transfer from Pratt, Victoria Menard came to NYU to expand her passions. Here, she found she wanted to learn more than just the art of fashion design.

“I designed throughout high school and then decided to go to Pratt,” Menard said. “After my first year at Pratt, I realized I had already mastered what I was being taught. So I applied to CAS in the spring and got in for English.”

The Fashion Business Association, or FBA, makes their presence known through NYU’s Club Fest and events on Facebook. Menard had found out about FBA through Club Fest and started receiving the emails although she hadn’t been to any of their recent events.

“I had been receiving emails from FBA throughout the [school] year. I saw that they were looking for student designers for their annual fashion show. It ended up being the last day to apply and I just decided to send in my portfolio after holding it off for a few weeks,” said Menard.

Menard’s collection featured five looks in total, all done in white. She picked out all the fabrics for her designs and sewed them all together by hand. Menard focused specifically on how texture and lack of color helped formulate her collection.

“In this collection, I looked to focus on textures,” Menard said. “Getting rid of color and just having all the pieces solely white, I focus on the designs themselves and play with different textures.

Many of the designers at the FBA show had their collections premiering. This made for a hectic scene backstage full of quick changes and shifting models. Menard’s show appeared to go smoothly from beyond the white curtains concealing backstage, but she remembers all of the stresses and bumps in the road on the day of the show.

“I wanted to use a skirt twice in my part of the show, but with all the quick changes it was impossible,” Menard said. “I ended up taking tulle and using my pillow case as the slip under it and pinning the model into the outfit.”

Many of the models brought their own shoes to the show as the designers, Victoria included, often left shoes out of their designs or had no preference.

“I completely had forgotten about what shoes I wanted the models to wear. I had to run back to my apartment once before the show to grab shoes for the models. One model ended up going out and buying 10 pairs of silver shoes from Zara,” said Menard.

As for Menard’s future, she’s expanding her knowledge in the fashion world by combining her love of fashion with her creative writing passions. She’ll be transferring over to Gallatin next spring after her year abroad in London this upcoming fall. At Gallatin, she’ll be concentrating in creative writing and fashion in historical and social contexts. Still, Menard’s designs aren’t disappearing anytime soon.

“I used to make my own clothes all the time, but I just don’t have time anymore. I really want to get back into designing for myself,” said Menard.

Look for future designs or fashion editorials from Victoria in the coming years as she plans to continue her immersion in the fashion world.

Pamela Jew is a staff writer. Email her at


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