Style Spotted: Canada Goose

Noted as one of the “Best Dressed Colleges” by Huffington Post, NYU shows that its consciously aware of what’s trendy. Looking back on the styles of the fall and winter seasons, students were seen with many different designs from top to bottom, like the Anti-Social Social Club hoodies or fresh new Timberland boots.

However, one of the most popular items of clothing seen on campus are Canada Goose parkas, coats, shells and jackets. Many NYU students are seen wearing these coats in the classic black and navy, as well as other unconventional colors like red and military green. These coats are easily recognizable by their massive fur hoods and the red, blue and white logo sewn on the side of the arm.

When we asked students what they think of the Canada Goose trend, there were many varied responses. Sophomore CAS student Victoria Menard doesn’t buy into it.  

“I think it’s one of those things that at first they looked really practical and seemed like good winter coats but quickly became super overdone,” Menard said. “At the same time, they are highly protested for the fur that’s use, I heard its incredibly unethically sourced so it’s questionable in that sense.”

When asked why she thought they were so popular, Menard commented on the high price of these jackets. Depending on the style, these coats can go anywhere from $300 to $1,000.

“I think because they are more expensive it’s a status thing and as soon as people started wearing them, it caught on and continued,” Menard said. 

Conversely, Gallatin senior Christina Lin argues for buying the jacket, saying that they both look good and are practical for New York City winters.

“Personally I don’t wear it because I don’t like puffy jackets weighing me down, but I see a lot of people wearing it and it looks good and keeps them warm,” Lin says. “When I ask people why they buy it, it’s because they are warm, long and covers their butt. A lot of jackets aren’t enough especially during the windy days out there.”

Alexander Yip, a senior at Stern and a proud Canadian Goose jacket owner, also argued for purchasing the jacket and commented on its versatility for both men and women.

“Canada Goose, everyone knows is the jacket of Winter 2017 because its really lightweight, super warm, and it has that street style that isn’t too clunky,” Yip said. “At the same time its easy to style with your pants if you’re a boy or girl because they have a lot of styles.”

In searching for the reasons why this style has become so popular on campus, there were varied responses. The student responses were just as varied, whether that be for ethical standards to the pricing of the jacket. Either way, NYU students recognize the lasting power of Canada Goose, and we’ll see them on campus for many winters to come.

Brina Jeffries is a staff writer. Email her at


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