High Fashion, College Wallet: Calvin Klein F/W 2017

Tailored blocks of vibrant hues and denim pieces found their place in the Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2017 collection. The structurally proportionate aesthetic creates a series of looks with clean lines and stable shapes. Following suit with other Fashion Week collections, this season’s collection featured a cast of agender models brought together by a surfeit of gender neutral clothing and impeccable detailing. The pieces featured a series of current trends, such as lampshading, sheer tops and vinyl cutouts. Several other looks also included vinyl overlays, which highlighted the transparency and fluidity between the collection’s gendered clothing. 

Look 33, worn by model Kaya Wilkins, illustrates a particularly versatile three-piece design. The sheer nude top with purple and white cable knit sweater sleeves keeps the torso simple, while the red and white patterned skirt offers femininity accentuated by the flirty movement of the flowing hem. The dress-like vinyl coating with silver floral detailing adds body to the centrically bare upper half and draws the eye vertical before exploring the outer lying additions of the look. Lastly, the white open toe heels note an elegant beading on one strap per shoe. 



To get the same sheer top look, try this nude bodysuit from Forever 21 for $18 or this skin tone leotard for $14. If you’re not comfortable going fully sheer on top, try one of these $8 bralettes from Forever 21. To give your look the appearance of sweater sleeves, check out these $25 cropped cardigans from J. Crew. They come in an assortment of colors, perfect for mixing and matching dependent on the season, your mood, or our favorite accessories. To achieve the perfect loose skirt look, wear this pleated midi skirt from ASOS that’s currently on sale for $31. The purple flowers dancing across a blushing background bring the punch of feminine found in the Klein original runway look.

And what is an outfit without accessories? These $30 white heels from GoJane.com create a simpler version of the original design without breaking the bank. To add the same silver flower patching, try pinning this silver flower brooch on your outfit. However, if you’re sold on bringing vinyl into the overall look, this $14 clear raincoat from Poshmark conjoins practicality with the hottest new trend.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.57.57 AM.png

The simplistic eccentricity of Calvin Klein’s F/W 2017 collection makes the clothing a wearable accumulation of high fashion pieces. If you’re ready to showcase this season’s hottest trends, the Calvin Klein replicas will add excitement to any wardrobe. 

Alyssa Kelly is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.

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