Victoria’s Secret No Longer: Dream Internships with Marissa Ablack

At some point in one’s life, one might have a secret desire to be one of the fabulous Victoria’s Secret models. Marissa Ablack, a Steinhart junior, has the next best thing: working with the angels for an internship with Victoria’s Secret. In an interview with Ablack, she explains what her job actually consists of. Majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication, she spends the majority of her time at the internship at promotional events and press rotations. There, she works with the contract models featured in ads where they sell one type of merchandise, like perfume or mascara. She is there to support the models and run errands for them throughout the promotional events:

“I work directly with the models,” Ablack said. “Usually, they are contract models who work the whole day with magazines, commercials or press rotations aimed at selling one specific product.” 

Although the glamor of working with the models is fun for Ablack, she plays other important roles as a Victoria’s Secret intern. Some of her other duties include researching partnerships, buying decorations for events, putting together schedules, and crafting brand events and promotional activities.

One huge aspect of Ablack’s internship was helping with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris. Victoria’s Secret reached out to her while she was studying abroad in London and asked if she was able to help with their small PR team situated in Paris. After accepting the offer, they put her on a train from London to Paris to her job, which consisted of overseeing the entire press team and making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible.

Ablack recalls running an errand at Paris fashion week where she went on 9 coffee runs in one day at the request of multiple angels.  Although it might seem a bit crazy, she also gets to be involved with things like figuring out all the logistics of fall fashion and helping plan events. It isn’t uncommon for her to be surrounded by other celebrities as well:

“One time I had to run Lady Gaga her jacket, and she was really nice,” Ablack said. Being surrounded by angels, meeting Lady Gaga, helping in Paris fashion week? Despite the hard work and stress that came along with it, Ablack looks back very fondly on her time working with at the Paris Fashion Show.

It’s clear that being a Victoria’s Secret has it’s perks, but one of the most important ones is that it has helped Ablack gain internship opportunities through other big brands. This coming summer, she’s secured an internship with Walt Disney, working on the media and marketing team, aimed at organizing and planning the theatrical events of Disney.

“Once you work with one big brand, they all start coming and it’s much easier to then get those jobs too,” Ablack said.

In the past, Ablack had an internship working with the marketing team at Refinery 29. She has been a Victoria’s Secret intern since the winter of 2016, and she has credited NYU’s Wasserman Center for helping her secure that internship. She saw the internship opportunity on their website and decided to apply right then. Marissa’s advice is to just to get experience, check Wasserman constantly and apply for as many internships as possible. Who knew your dream internship was right at your fingertips?

Caroline Zemsky is a contributing writer. Email her at


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