FBA Brings Runway Fashion to NYU

The Fashion Business Association brought the full fashion experience to NYU on Friday, Mar. 24 at their annual spring fashion show. Similar to a NYFW runway show, there was a white catwalk, photographers, a DJ, and over 250 audience members who all wanted the excitement and glamor that comes with a runway show. The show featured the unique work from eight student designers of all ages studying at Pratt, NYU and Parsons. 

The show was entirely student-run, so it was student-produced, student-designed, and student-modeled,” said Kate Goodman, the FBA Public Relations chairman. “[The EBoard] has been planning this show the entire year, making it the most successful show to date since the first show five years ago,” said Goodman.

The event was decked out with food and goodie bags for all guests. “My biggest responsibility has been locking down sponsors, which I did with the help of Isabella Langbecker,” said Goodman. Their sponsors included Bombas, Lyft, Hudson Watches, Ringly, NYX Cosmetics, Awake Chocolate, and more. Many of these sponsors provided gifts or discount codes for guests. Another benefit came during intermission, when many of the guests flocked over to the complimentary buffet provided by FBA.  

While the guests enjoyed the benefits provided by FBA, the members of the club were working hard behind the scenes to execute a smooth and successful runway show. Gallatin freshman Sophia Merlino, who worked behind the scenes at the FBA Fashion show, credits collaboration amongst the club members to their success. She compared this experience to her experience as a designer in the Gallatin Fashion show.

“At the Gallatin show, everyone had a specific role, either designer, usher, etc.,” Merlino said. “But at the FBA show, we picked up whatever task needed to be done. I was checking in VIP one second and helping coordinate outfits backstage the next.”

According to Merlino, hidden behind the wispy white curtain, the backstage was bustling with movement.

“Backstage was quite hectic. Many of the models were being used twice for some designers and were rushing for quick changes, but we hoped it looked seamless from an outsider’s perspective,” Merlino said.

Amongst some of the audience members were Steinhardt Graduate students Qinyun Shao and Kyrene Chen, who came to the show together and sat front row.

“We’ve both never been to a fashion show,” said Kyrene Chen. “So I was scrolling through [Ticket Central] and saw the show on there and got us tickets.”

Many other students learned about the show through other sources, whether that be word or mouth or social media. One of the audience members, Steinhardt freshman Clarissa Davis, learned about this event through Facebook.

“I saw the event on Facebook, and I have a love for fashion and free stuff of course,” Davis said.

The audience’s overall response to the show itself provided a range of emotions. Many students seemed both excited and noticeably shocked with some of the more controversial styles, like Parson’s senior Jamileh Nadelmann’s collection, which featured many leg and chest-bearing designs. A designer herself, Sophia Merlino defended some of the designer’s controversial choices.

“I have so much respect for all the designers,” said Merlino. “Especially designers like Jamileh, you can really see they have a message and a passion for their designs and designing in general.”

Pratt freshman Hannah Thomas’s collection seemed to be the crowd favorite. Audience members were awed by her classic bright prints and tasteful use of sequins.

Overall, the show seemed to be a success amongst everyone present. FBA’s Fashion Show surely showed what a team of fashion-loving students can do, making the event seem effortless and professional. Many were impressed by all of the work these students have done, and eagerly anticipate what’s in store for these young and talented designers.

Featured photo by Euan Parentis.

Pamela Jew is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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