NYU Classes and Clubs For the Fashion Enthusiast

When talk turns to the colleges that provide the best start in the fashion industry, NYU is almost always mentioned. It’s located in New York City, one of the major fashion capitals of the world. There are many fashion internships available in the city and the street style is to die for. However, without an actual fashion major available at the university, how is this start possible? To fill the gap, NYU offers a plethora of fashion-related classes and clubs that will give fashion fanatics the head start they need.

Practicum in Fashion Business

This popular Gallatin course is open to undergraduate students from any NYU school. However, you must apply for enrollment, which is decided by the Guess Distinguished Visiting Professor in Fashion and Fashion Business. Teaching the class alongside this professor is a member of the Gallatin faculty with expertise in the subject. The class’s primary focuses are innovation, design and, above all, business, within a constantly changing fashion industry heading toward specialization and globalization. There are also interactive group projects and readings beyond the business aspect of fashion that cover subjects like consumerism and merchandising.

The Luxury and Retail Association (LARA)

Stern’s Luxury and Retail Association (LARA) is known for hosting informative events and inviting prominent industry professionals to speak at their meetings. Their events educate and inspire members interested in leaving their mark on the luxury and retail industries. LARA is a professional development organization that focuses on introducing students to various aspects of the industry — and the many jobs within it — through networking opportunities and recruiting support.

NYU’s Fashion Business Association

For those who are looking to get involved in fashion as a career, the Fashion Business Association is an excellent option if related classes aren’t available. The club is best known for it’s phenomenal fashion shows, which feature work from a diverse range of talented student designers and models. Their meetings also live up to high expectations with helpful guest speakers, workshops that prepare members to launch their careers and newsletters that pass along exclusive internship opportunities.

Costume Studies

The Master of Arts in Costume Studies is a program in Steinhardt’s Department of Art and Art Professions that educates students about the history of costumes and the art of bringing them to life. Those enrolled in this specialized curriculum become well-rounded professionals through include Dress and Textiles in World Culture, History of Fashion Photography and Dress in World Cultures.

Fashion and Power

Steinhardt’s Media, Culture and Communication program offers this fascinating course at the Washington Square campus as well as abroad at NYU Paris. According to the class’s description it “examines fashion as a form of communication and culture.” It involves analysis of fashion’s impactful role in various aspects of society that are often overlooked, from celebrity culture to production and consumption to differing youth cultures. These topics are taught through the lens of visualization of fashion and the power it holds.

Featured image by Moojig Battsogt. 

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, March 27 print edition.

Sherah Ndjongo is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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