Step Up Your ‘Gram Game

Nowadays, Instagram is the name of the game when it comes to fashion bloggers. From Tumblr-style accounts with “aesthetically-pleasing” feeds to beauty and style influencers like Chriselle Lim and Aimee Song showing us their experiences at New York Fashion Week, everyone has hopped onto the Instagram bandwagon. Instagram has become an easy and popular way for bloggers to post photos of OOTDs, outfit inspirations, or show a little bit of their day-to-day lives to their followers.

If you’re interested in becoming a style or fashion blogger, utilizing Instagram as a social media platform can be a great idea as a jumping off point, not only because it’s so popular, but it’s also free. Here are 3 great tips on how to tailor your Instagram into a fashion blog, inspired directly by the techniques used by some of the greatest bloggers on the app.

1. Post OOTDs/OOTNs

One of the easiest ways to create consistent content is to post outfits of the day, or OOTDs. Whether it be a casual study day or a dressy night out, have a friend take a quick pic of what you’re wearing. Come up with a witty caption about what you’re up to, or a piece of clothing in the photo, and tag the brands you’re wearing so that your followers can shop your looks. Pro Tip: Have your friend take a photo from a downward angle, thereby elongating the body and making you look taller and more flattering. OOTDs and OOTNs are all about the angles.

2. Show us the details

Another great way to show off your looks is to post an outfit “details” pic. While posting OOTDs might be a great way to show off your entire head-to-toe look, posting a great, close-up photo of your jewelry and accessories can be beneficial too. Detail photos show off your unique style and artistic curative abilities while showcasing your styling abilities. Layering dainty necklaces, wearing chokers and wearing hoop earrings are all trendy accessories at the moment, so don’t be afraid to show us the details for those likes.

3. Flat Lays

Flat lay photos are another great way to create content on days that you’re not feeling your best. Instead of posting a photo of yourself, take a photo of your neat desk, or your table at brunch. Take it from a birds-eye-view angle to capture everything. There’s no shame in arranging the table to fit the photo. Flat lays give us a glimpse into your day-to-day life beyond simply just posting photos of your outfits and gives us a behind-the-scenes look of your personality. Making sure that your Instagram reflects your personality and yourself is very important.

These three tips should help you get started. Remember—creating a fashion blog on Instagram isn’t just about posting photos of your most expensive or name-brand pieces. It’s also about creating a blog that inspires you and reflects your personal style. Copying other famous bloggers’ styles and looks might seem to get you followers fast, but first and foremost, your blog should be about you. Fashion is a great way of self-expression, so get out, get inspired, and get ready to Instagram.

Thomas Chou is a contributing writer. Email him at


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