High Fashion, College Wallet: Gucci F/W 2017

Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2017 runway show was all about making bold statements. The show featured 120 pieces with heavy embroidery, bright colors and floral patterns worn by models of all genders. The collection pieces presented a theme of higher elevation from that of traditional gender norms in fashion trends and looks. The freshness of the collection and the carefully constructed detailing on the apparel featuring tigers and butterflies also cultivated an overall tone of childlike joy and happiness found in illustrated children’s books.

Look 11 is all about juxtaposition. It blends texture, concept, and color to create a vibrant culmination of animal and plant life. The leather rhinestone crop top over the Gucci t-shirt gave the outfit an edge that would otherwise be overshadowed by the playfulness of the entire look. The bedazzled floral black skirt gave the outfit life and joy, while the gold blazer with pink flowers detailing added maturity. The translucent blue tights and cream flowers high calf socks may seem like an odd pairing, but it gave the outfit depth by developing dimensions, like a storybook. For accessories, the Mary Jane heels reinforced the characteristics of adolescence narrated throughout the piece. In addition, the rings, teardrop pearl earrings and golden hair piece tie the whole look together with decadence and beauty.


Source: Vogue

To get your own Gucci replica, pair this $7 white t-shirt from H&M with this $10 leather crop top from Charlotte Russe to give your look an edge. Cover the tops with this $70 Modcloth floral blazer that’s perfect for turning heads in the spring and bringing life to this NYC winter. For the skirt, this $20 Forever 21 black suede skirt makes the look appear cleaner, as the absence of  pattern makes the outfit more wearable.

To accessorize, look to these $8 floral tights from Target. The statement pattern balances out your lower half. Try these $30 Mary Jane’s from Kohl’s with the black underlay of the ensemble. Trade in Gucci’s earrings for these $5 faux pearl teardrops from Etsy. They carry the same amount of style at a fraction of the price tag. This $8 ring set from Forever 21 brings animation to the drama of the look while this $18 gold flower barrette from Etsy ties the look together from head to toe with elegance and eccentricity.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.48.40 PM.png

If you’re ready to rock a runway look on a budget, these pieces will give you that Gucci style while adding personal flare.

Alyssa Kelly is the High Fashion, College Wallet columnist. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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