Emma Watson Promotes Sustainable Fashion

We’ve been following Emma Watson as she stylishly travels around the globe on a press tour promoting Beauty and the Beast in which she stars in. Watson has presented many beautiful outfits worth gushing over, but she’s in the spotlight for using this platform to promote her activist work. The 26 year old actress has chosen to wear solely sustainable fashion during the film’s premiere tour.

Watson has been archiving her outfits on an Instagram account called @the_press_tour. All of her environmentally conscious and ethical ensembles are from major fashion designers and brands known to support sustainable fashion such as Boody, Filippa K., WORON, Oscar de la Renta and Stella McCartney. She has listed every designer whose work she has worn in the description, as well as listed why each piece is sustainable. Furthermore, she draws attention to certain cruelty free makeup brands, including jane iredale, The Body Shop, VITA LIBERATA, and rms beauty.

Those familiar with Emma Watson might know that she has an extensive history of supporting eco-friendly fashion. Watson’s increasing passion in sustainable clothing was sparked when she was still a college student at Brown University. In an interview with Coveteur, Watson explained where her passion for promoting sustainability began.

“I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t standard business practice to pay people fairly for their work,” Watson told the magazine. In the interview, she also gave fans an inside look into her envy-inducing and environmentally friendly closet. She also persuaded others to begin shopping ethically by presenting the readers with an how-to guide on creating a sustainable closet. She encourages people to frequent thrift stores and to shop less and invest more on items that with lasting power.

The promotion of sustainable and ethical fashion is extremely important, as clothing production is the second largest polluting industry in the entire world. Clothing production is also one of the major sectors of work where slave and child labor are commonly found. A eco-friendly and conscious shopper can do their part by purchasing exclusively sustainable clothes, opting for organic fibers or sustainable fabrics or finding out whether the item you’re buying was made under safe working conditions.

Even though green fashion is gaining momentum, fashion blogs are still the best place to learn more information about this movement. Fashion bloggers like Jennifer Nini and Alden Wicker are bringing sustainable fashion to mainstream audiences by showcasing the benefits of it on their blogs. As the topic of sustainability is continuing to gain traction, the fashion industry as a whole is beginning to jump on board, and influential fashion designers such as Stella McCartney are becoming more vocal about this cause. At Paris Fashion Week, Stella McCartney introduced an innovative fabric she calls “skin-free skin,” which, at first glance, appears to look exactly like leather but happens is actually an animal-friendly substitute.

Emma Watson’s effort to raise awareness about sustainable fashion is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As more consumers decide to follow suit, we can expect an enormous shakeup in the fashion industry, and it’s one that we should fully embrace.

Sherah Ndjongo is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.



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