High Fashion, College Wallet: Versace F/W 2017

In an asymmetrical take on feminine, fresh, and politically saturated fashion, Versace transformed the runway into a chic protest for equality at this year’s fashion week. The punk-inspired sportswear collection grabbed the attention of all attendees. Major looks featured lampshading overcoats, graphic mesh pieces, and neon hair extensions wrapped in a navy blue package. The extravagant nature of the overall collection coinciding with the blatant message of liberal solidarity pushes this collection to the top of everyone’s “Must Have” list. One piece worn by model Kendall Jenner blends high fashion and sports gear for a perfect outfit to keep you warm this winter.


Source: WireImage

Kendall’s looks feature a blue and yellow coat perfect for attending rallies in freezing temperatures. Her mesh top adds some skin to the piece, making this a versatile piece for every type of weather. The navy blue skirt elongates the legs and creates a flirty feel. Because accessories can make or break a look, Versace’s simple black heels with minute floral additions balance out the blinding fluorescent sunglasses. In addition, the piece features a navy and yellow clutch wallet and black, long gloves with the words “EQUALITY” and “STRENGTH” embolden in white letter. While she lacks the colorful locks of her fellow models, Kendall’s smokey eye makeup paired with a nude lip direct the audience’s attention to the piece as a whole. 

For a Versace replica, you can pair this Forever 21 mesh top for $18—optionally—with this $18 lace bralette from Aerie. This $20 navy pencil skirt from ASOS recreates what Kendall wore, but with more fit to give your body shape and definition. To find an affordable puffy jacket, this yellow down zip-up from Superdry keeps you warm and toasty for under $100.

And because what is an outfit without shoes, these closed-toe strappy pumps keep the feet elegant but coy at $22. For overall cohesion, this navy Fossil clutch aligns with the collection’s color scheme for $48. The bag tones down the screaming yellow jacket, while adding practically to the overall outfit. These gloves—sans wording—continue to play into the wearability aspect of the piece. The simplistic leather adds an edginess to the otherwise feminine look. Top things off with these bold sunglasses to bring personality and uniqueness to your makeshift Versace apparel.

For Kendall’s makeup, build a darker eye coverage with this BH Cosmetics Palette. The smokey eye draws attention vertically into the central figure. Finish the look with nude like this one from Sephora to develop a simplistic, yet bold look for the runway.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.43.16 PM.png

With these items, some personal style, and killer confidence, the streets of New York will be your own personal runway in no time.

Alyssa Kelly is a contributing writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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