Treat Yo’self at These Nail Salons Near Campus

Part of the downfalls of moving to a new city is abandoning what’s comfortable and convenient. Nail care can be a very important part of one’s routine, and people are careful in who they let close to their nails. It may seem hard to find an inexpensive nail salon that isn’t dirty, sketchy, or careless in New York City, but you shouldn’t  have to worry about where you’re going to get your next mani-pedi. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. From friendly staffs to long lasting color and no chip, here are some of the safest nail salons right near campus:

Broadway Nail and Spa

Location: 818 Broadway

If you’re a person who really cares about that friendly staff, not having to deal with workers trying to swindle you into paying more money or getting a more expensive service you don’t care for, this is the place for you. The staff is amicable since the moment you step in, and they are really good at eyebrow waxing and massages as well! They offer manicures, gel and classic, and pedicures ranging in price from $10-$25.

Minty Nail Salon

Location: 244 E 13th St

This place has the best color selection you ever did see.  With a warm and skilled staff and a modern, clean store, it screams relaxation. It offers a 10 minute massage for $10, and it offers both classic and gel manicures, as well as a classic and signature pedicure. The prices range from $11-$35.

Soho Nail Salon Inc

Location: 58 W 8th St #1

This place has great prices, from a regular manicure for $8 and a pedicure at $18. However, this salon can be a hit or miss — the services will come out great.  They may rush it, however, and take away from the relaxation part of getting your nails done.

Rehoboth Spa Lounge

Location: 55 W 14th St

With services on the pricier side, you really do get your moneys worth here. A beautiful salon with nice workers and soothing treatments — paraffin mani/pedis, exfoliation, green tea cucumber mani/pedis, hot stone pedicures, and more. The prices are a little more expensive—A regular mani goes for $18, a gel manicure $40, and a pedicure for $39—but it’s definitely worth it.

Il Villaggio Nail Spa

Location: 502 LaGuardia Pl

This salon is the closest to campus. With a super great atmosphere and staff, don’t be put off by the $37 gel manicure. It’s their most expensive one, with a regular manicure at $15. They also have a variety of different pedicures, starting at $27. Plus, this place has a 10% discount for NYU students (and faculty), so make sure you take advantage of it.

Go and treat yourself to some you time without having to worry about uncleanliness, being swindled or the potential lack of relaxation. Hit up one of these salons and get your nails polished, pretty and ready for Spring time.

Caroline Zemsky is a contributing writer. Email her at


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