School Spirit is Fashionable

There is more to see at the NYU Bookstore than just overpriced textbooks and a worrying number of campus logo key chains. One of the store’s main assets is NYU merchandise.

While NYU students may pretend to be “too cool for school,” the wide array of pieces at the bookstore prove that school pride and style can go hand in hand.


Woman’s Camp Ringer Tee ($26.95)

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 9.29.10 AM.png

The Camp Ringer Tee is perfect for anyone on the market for a simple top that looks straight out of Adventureland or Dazed and Confused. The shirt is light-weight, with purple lettering and accents against a white t-shirt. It’s stylish enough to wear out in warm weather and comfortable enough to wear as a pajama top. For a look that’s straight out of the 80s, pair with some bell-bottoms and a Farrah Fawcett hairdo.

NYU Fleece Sweatshirt ($44.95)


The NYU Fleece Sweatshirt is the perfect alternative to the classic bright-purple NYU sweatshirt. The gray crew neck fleece has white stripes on the arms, and a purple NYU crest on the front. The sweatshirt is a great buy not only for its comfort, but also for the mission of the company that produces it, Alta Gracia Apparel, which prides itself on the ethical treatment of its employees.

Women’s New York University Varsity Sweatshirt Jacket ($59.95)


The NYU Varsity Jacket is a simple design, perfect for spring. While high school may be over, the varsity jacket trend is still kicking, and this jacket is not only stylish but also comfortable. The hooded, black and gray, varsity jacket is soft to the touch, and has a simple logo on the front. It’s warm enough to throw over pajamas for a study session at Bobst or over a slip dress, for a more on-trend day look.

NYU Maptote Bag ($19.95-$28.95)


Stylish and durable tote bags are a staple in NYC. The NYU Maptote bag is 100% cotton and perfect for lugging around books, a quick trip to Trader Joe’s or packing away sample sale finds. It’s also provides directions with a campus map illustration on the front, which features all of NYU’s key destinations. It’s an especially great buy for freshmen, who haven’t gotten the lay of the land yet.

NYU Leather Duffel Bag ($295.00)


The NYU Leather Duffel Bag is well made, stylish and most importantly, large enough to pack for a weekend getaway. It’s made out of full grain brown leather and has a simple embossed logo at the top. This piece is durable enough to last through years of spring breaks, business trips and wedding weekends. It is on the pricier side, so invest only if you have the money.

Women’s New York University Wristwatch ($120.95)


Not only is the NYU Wristwatch a stylish accessory but it’s also a great gift for a parent of a graduate or an alumni. The black leather band and gold face, with the NYU crest, gives this watch a more classic grown-up vibe. Pro tip: checking the time on a watch, during a boring meeting or a horrific Tinder date, is far less discrete than checking it on a phone.

Anastasiya Shelest is a contributing writer. Email her at




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