How-to-Tuesday: Teeth Whitening

When trying to make a first impression, many people fear how their smile is perceived to others. More importantly, your teeth can affect how you feel about yourself. Teeth whitening can be a quick and easy confidence booster, but the obscene amount of treatments make it difficult to decide which will be successful for you. As a college student with a limited budget, is there a way to get those bright pearly whites without harming them or spending a copious amount on professional whitening? Here are some amazing tips on how to get your teeth whiter in a natural and inexpensive way:

The first “at-home” method and the most popular is using baking soda as an inexpensive whitening alternative. Mixed with water or peroxide, baking soda forms a type of paste that can be applied straight to your toothbrush before brushing. Although the sodium bicarbonate in baking soda is used predominantly for cleaning, baking soda can also be used in cooking. Therefore, it’s safe to be used on your mouth.

Another “at-home” method and inexpensive whitening alternative is hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide can be applied to your toothbrush, and adding water makes the liquid peroxide foam when put inside your mouth. The foaming agent allows for a whitening formation comparable to products such as Crest whitening solution at a lesser cost.

One obscure method that is slowly becoming popularized is the use of Coconut pulling. Cocoanut oil has many proven beauty benefits, but the nutrients inside can also burn fat and kill harmful microorganisms. Coconut pulling involves rinsing your mouth with coconut oil to help with whiter and shiner teeth. Simply swish and rinse, and your teeth will be whiter in no time.

Incorporating fresh fruit into your diet can also have teeth whitening benefits. The vitamins and acids found in fruits like strawberries are supposed to be effective in whitening and cleaning. Lemons as well have become popular in the natural remedies of teeth whitening ideas. Applying a lemon peel straight to the teeth help promote whiter teeth from the Vitamin C inside the lemon. Eating healthy fruit is essential for a healthy diet, and the teeth whitening is a bonus.

Getting your teeth white is one thing, but keeping them white is a whole other issue. Try to limit sugar consumption and use straws when drinking liquid such as red dye juices, coffee and tea to stop staining from occurring on your teeth. Many of these products can be bought on campus at the market places, or at any grocery store such as Trader Joe’s. Try these wonderful and natural home remedies and make your beautiful smile even brighter.

Brina Jeffries is a staff writer. Email her at


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