Spring 2017 Trend: The 1980’s

Recycling trends is not a new concept, but every time existing styles make their way back around, reinvention comes into play. Spring 2017 anticipates an influx of 80s inspired pieces as huge blazers, statement shoulder pads, bold power suits and lots and lots of sequins paraded down the catwalks of Marc Jacobs, Moschino and Tibi runway shows. Those are just a few designers that approve of this colorful, bigger-is-better style.

Many will be tempted to incorporate the 80s trend into their own wardrobes this season now that it has gained momentum. Still, one roadblock stands in the way: there’s always difficulty in experimenting with retro styles due to the lingering pressure to avoid looking kitschy. Luckily, there are several simple solutions that will ensure these vintage-inspired looks will not seem out of place in the present day.

Neon and the 80s go hand-in-hand. When dealing with neon, subtlety is key. Pairing neon pieces with neutral colors can help show off a less flashy and far from overbearing ensemble. If a more toned-down wardrobe is more appealing, then opt for neon accessories such as clutches, heels and jewelry for an unexpected pop of color. This adds a simple yet eclectic touch to the look.

When someone thinks of this memorable decade, ruffles often come into mind. However, styling ruffles can be an incredibly daunting task. If ruffles are going to be an addition to the outfit, they’re going to be the focal point of it. Draw attention to them by minimizing the amount of details elsewhere and accessorizing with caution. Not to mention, quality matters. Dramatic, flouncy frills versus limp, loose ruffles can make or break a look.

A chic tailored tux dress gives a clear nod to the 80s all the while sporting a modern twist. It’s versatile: it can be worn to either a formal or casual occasion. Specific features can make a tux dress more interesting, such as a plunging neckline or a fascinating placement of buttons.

In this case, the choice of shoes matter, as they allude to what type of event you’re is heading to. Pairing a tux dress with bright sneakers suggest a laidback setting, while pairing it with electric kitten heel pumps suggest that it’s time to party.

And, of course, there’s oversized clothing. The trick with oversized clothing is figuring out how to balance proportions. The best rule to follow is to have only one oversized item in an entire outfit to ensure you’re is not overdoing it. If you gravitate toward a oversized top or sweater, try to pair it with a slim fitted pant, like leggings, and vice versa. If you want to pair multiple oversized pieces, go for it! The whole look can be pulled together with a belt for a more polished and uniform look.

The clothing of the 80s is often described as gaudy and over-the-top, which sometimes holds a negative connotation. Fortunately, this negative can be turned into a positive by combining the best of the retro elements with the most striking modern ones —  a win-win situation for all.

Sherah Ndjongo is a staff writer. Email her at violetvision@nyunews.com.


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